Mike Valenti’s Blog: 5 Things On My Mind

1. Detroit census data is really disturbing. We all knew population was going to be down but to see it at this level is truly eye opening. Despite what my colleague Mr. Foster thinks, many people don’t pay attention and it is shocking. Mayor Bing can no longer just talk, he must act. Clock is ticking David.

2. As you watch the tournament keep an eye out for two potential Pistons in Duke Guard Kyrie Irving and Kentucky guard Brandon Knight. It is my assumption both will go pro and both be amongst the top 7 players chosen. Waive to the crowd Rodney Stuckey…you have been replaced.

3. Lions seem very intrigued by Colorado cornerback Jimmy smith and that is a good thing. I’m tired of the Lions operating in the past as if being a choir boy was an actual on field talent. Bad boys are needed in today’s game, at least a few on each roster. Smith is every bit as talented as advertised and if Peterson and Amukamara are gone…I’m taking him.

4. Totally random but if you’re a guy and in the market for cologne try the new Polo: big pony collection. I know I know…an Italian guy writing about cologne. They want me to have five things on my mind so here you go. Good stuff, ladies seem to dig it. Not your father’s Polo.

5. Tigers keep running around saying how much talent their farm system has. How good the young guys are. Two things, first, nobody else agrees with you as the three major scouting services all rank the tigers system 25th or lower. Second, 29-year old journeymen players are neither young nor prospects. You’re not fooling anyone but yourselves.

  • steve

    what a waste of space

  • J.T. 313 in Chicago

    Good Thought on Irving, and Knight. Too bad Joe D. is in charge of the draft, I have no faith in him whatsoever to make the right pick, he will undoubtedly pass on both to take some player we have never heard of.

  • Noah

    The reason we wont get Irving or Knight is because we haven’t tanked enough this year so we won’t have a high enough pick.

  • David Dale

    I am with you all the way on Jimmy Smith!! He may be BETTER than Petersen or Amukamara. If not for the fact that he plays for Colorado, he would be a household name. The Leos MUST take him. Tigers farm is about as bare as a farm in Uganda (I am black so I can make that comiment…lol) . As far as Stuckey, it should be BYE BYE BIRDIE!! Show him the door and get a REAL point guard…

    Big Dave in the “D”

  • Noel

    Take Jimmy Smith at 13 and be done with it. As for the pistons, take the best PG available OR take Jujuan Johnson in the 1st round, Keith Benson from OU with the 2nd round pick… provided he is still on the board then, he keeps moving up in mock drafts.

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