DETROIT (WWJ) – Parents gathered at a southwest Detroit church on Tuesday to ask public officials tough questions about education, violence and abandoned buildings. 

The “Coming Together For a Better Detroit” rally was spearheaded by a parent-organized group called “Our Kids Come First.”

“We just want to be a real voice in our schools,” group member Cindy Armstrong said. “We’re trying to get houses torn down, trying to get more activities around the schools to stop the gangs and violence.”

Detroit Public School Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb was one of the guests in attendance. Bobb was faced with many specific questions, such as if he will be sure that every classroom has a certified teacher by August 1, 2011. Bobb answered yes.

“I think these are very important questions and what’s really unique about this is the fact that we have parents who are very much engaged in their children’s education,” Bobb said. “The more parents we have involved and engaged, the better learning environment we create.”

Other key guests included U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade and Detroit Deputy Mayor Saul Green.

Comments (5)
  1. Sam says:

    400 people in this country have more combined wealth than the lower half of all Americans (150 million people) combined. “Trickle down” in the 1980s reduced the wealth of the bottom 80% of Americans. The last/current cycle of “trickle down” economics has only continued the trend. The teacher, cop, firefighter, and university professor next door are not the problem.

  2. Lori Nelson says:

    It’s “unique” that parents are involved in their children’s educations? That’s sad.

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