LANSING (WWJ) – There is a call in Lansing for Governor Rick Snyder to reconsider his proposed cut to K through 12 funding. 

The Governor wants to cut per pupil spending by $470 per student.

Republican Senator Howard Walker wants to further reduce that number to $230.

“We’re looking at a small school size of the reimbursements for renaissance zones. we think some of these could be paid for through other sources, like natural resource restricted funds,” Walker said.

Walker thinks the government can make up for the loss by taking money from so-called “categorical grants,” instead of reducing the per pupil spending so sharply.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick said Walker is trying to sell this alternative on the school cuts to his colleagues.

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  1. sandy says:

    The MEA continues to try to fool the public. As a former public school teacher, I will tell you it’s not the money, it’s sthe ability of the teacher. Scores are low in Michigan and low in the US and we spend more and more money for worse results. Look where the US ranks internationally. Local school districts spend a lot of money on hype to tell us how wonderful they are but the scores don’t prove them right. Quite the contrary. Live within your budget like the rest of us.Just do your job.

  2. eyes open says:

    Are we a “former” teacher because we couldn’t cut it in the classroom? I don’t care what your answer is, bottom line that is the reason. Peaple want teachers to “just do their job”, then lets let them. With Snyder’s proposed cuts, we force districts to make cuts to thier staff which will stuff 40+ kids into one classroom. You want your child more one on one time and idividualized instruction? Forcing unecessary cuts won’t give you that. There are no incentive for good people who would otherwise be GREAT teachers to get into the profession. No wonder many of our recent grads are leaving the state. At least the Carolinas want good teachers and know many are comming out of Michigan. Lets glorify the profession instead of destroying it. I have children that will suffer as a result of this proposed cut. If Snyder really cared about k-12 education then he wouldn’t be taking away, he might reavaluaet where it was going and what it was beging used for, but not taking away. Lets start giving incentives for good people to become teachers. Lets reward our teachers who are in the classroom everyday fighting to get the best from our youth. Lets work to continue to get good teachers where they need to be…in Michigan. No young person will want to get into the profession for a laughable $30k/year.

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