LANSING (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder is promising to sign the new unemployment benefits bill approved by the state legislature.  In the short-term, the bill will allow Michigan’s unemployed to continue receiving extended federal unemployment benefits,  but people applying for unemployment next year will be limited to 20 weeks.

“I will sign it, because it extends the benefits for people in need today, for future periods there are some changes, but the issue right now is that we have people suffering in our state and it would be good to extend the benefits , along to with doing some good reforms for the longer term,” says Snyder.

WWJ’s Pat Sweeting is getting reaction to the change from the unemployed. People who lose their jobs in early 2012 will see their unemployment benefits shrink.

Mike of Detroit spoke to WWJ outside of Michigan Works Career Center in Southfield, “People got to eat, so what happens at that point because they can’t find a job, what are you going to do?” says Mike who has been out of work for a year.

“It will contribute to a higher crime rate, you know, I’m talking about, a man is going to feed his family, you know, a man is going to take care of his family,” says another Mike who spoke with WWJ, saying that criminal activity may be the only answer.

Gayle Hanes, employment services coordinator at the Michigan Works Center, reports there is a ray of hope for those looking for work.

“You are still seeing people finding better jobs in the medical and tech fields,” says Hanes.

“The jobs are improving a little bit here, we are definitely seeing some improvements in our numbers, we are definitely seeing people get jobs.” Hanes says.

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  1. Kimokaneala says:

    Extending unemployment benefits to some and cutting them for others is a classic rich versus poor tactic, it pits us against each other. This guy snyder is obviously a Koch-head. The sooner you get rid of him, the better.

    Refrain from violence as long as you can. If you become violent, snyder can sic his goons on you, with snyder he will send the cops after you and jail you and that will be the end of it.

    Civil disobedience is the answer. You must stand in the street and stop traffic or no one will pay attention. Overwhelm their email, telephone systems, there are many ways to do it. If we become violent, it will play into their hands.

    snyder gets his money from the kochs, they got their money from Stalin in the 1920s. Expect Stalin-like tactics from Koch-backed lackeys.

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