Ways to keep the Real World fresh and interesting…
10. How to keep Real World interesting: Real World 27: The Moon
9. How to keep Real World interesting: if Sam Cassell lets them use his summer home we’ll see Real World: Alpha Centauri Nine
8. How to keep people interested in the real world…give them 700,000 condoms and sit back and enjoy. Trevor Garden City
7. How to keep interest in the Real World..actually make it a show about the REAL WORLD. 8 people living in the 2 bedroom apartment and unemployed. Oh and they don’t have college educations. Now THAT is the Real World. Mcgruff
6. Real World Detroit: Filmed inside the Palace of Auburn Hills where characters nicknamed “Rip” and “Q” will continuously argue over who has more power. Andy
5. ways to make the real world better…real world 9th grade, staring R.Kelly and Lawrence Taylor…Eric in Farmington
4. How to keep interest in the real world…That episode where John Keating meets Jennifer Grandholm and he says HOLY MOLEY!
3. Ways to keep Real World interesting?… Real World Space Station. Brendan white lake
2. Heres a crzy idea 4 new Realworld: Put Charlie Sheen in mansion with a pile of blow and a couple porn stars ……….. Oh wait . DAVE IN Memphis
1. Ways to freshen it up: Call it the “New World” and have Greg Oden explain what it was like when European Explorers and himself first came to America.


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