LANSING (WWJ) – State Democrats are asking Governor Rick Snyder to veto a bill they say would hurt hundreds of thousands of the state’s unemployed.

Senator Gretchen Whitmer said the bill that passed legislature yesterday would help this year, but it would permanently limit benefits beginning next year.

“Instead of making the simple fix to maintain the unemployment assistance for Michigan workers, we’re being given legislation that winds up cutting people off their benefits sooner than if we had done nothing. We’re talking about over 500,000 people and their families in Michigan,” Whitmer said.

The bill, while extending jobless benefits this year, will permanently limit the unemployed to 20 weeks of benefits instead of 26 starting in 2012.

Congressman Sander Levin says Republicans “sold out” working families. “This is a permanent change in a provision that’s been a Michigan law for over 50 years. Essentially what’s happened is they’ve hijacked what was a needed technical change to make this permanent change.”

Whitmer agrees. “The bill actually provides a permanent net loss of unemployment benefits to Michigan workers and protects businesses who act fraudulently.”

Whitmer said the bill would make Michigan the only state in the nation that provides fewer that 26 weeks of jobless benefits. No word from Governor Snyder on whether he intends to sign the bill.

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  1. CltII says:

    This is a step backwards for the Working Class.

    1. Smurf says:

      Not really. These people are not working at all. Its a step back for the unemployed maybe. At one point you have to force people to take a job any job. If you can’t make up your pay with one job then you have to get two.

      Please dont tell me there are no jobs. EVERYWHERE I go there are teenagers waiting table, pushing grocery cart. ringing registers……. I understand they are not the highest paying jobs but a one point you have to take ANY job.

      1. opinion8it says:

        It’s not an easy decision. If your former wages paid the rent/mortgage, car payment, school loans etc, you can’t just jump into any “teenager” job and expect to feed your family or pay the bills. It is insensitive comments such as this that upsets me the most. This “let them eat cake” attitude is causing more division at a time where are country needs to band together to overcome outrcurrent crisis.

  2. martyjbird says:

    No matter how you cut it there are still about 5 people for every job out there. In addition, I’m a middle-aged unemployed. So do I take a low-paying job from a teenager (assuming a company will hire a person like me with a Master’s degree to flip burgers)?. Or would giving a low paying job to a teen help keep him or her out of trouble, and build the individual build a work ethic, while I use the time to search for a better job that would allow me to keep my home and support my family? Is giving people an extra 6 weeks in a down economy such a horrible thing to do?

  3. Jille says:

    There are more like 8 jobless for every job. Smurf is a self-righteous ass. Only the democrats are looking out for Michigan now. With legislation like this, the food banks will be bare and the welfare system will be sretching our tax dollars. At fault, the republicans.

  4. Countrysunrise says:

    I am so tired of hearing all this whining!! When my Husband lost his job, he only received his 26 weeks – no extentions!! He was 2 weeks shy of any extentions!! We lost our house of 13 years, all our belongings, and had to live in our pop-up camper, going to different campgrounds to live, because Wells Fargo wouldn’t work with us. Social Services gave us a whopping $17 in food stamps to start out with, and acted like they were doing us a big favor. I would like to see any one of you have to go through what we had to, and still are, losing everything, thanks to Wells Fargo. My Husband has a degree, and looked for work, but his age was against him, and got blacklisted after losing the house. Every day I pray for strength and thank God for the small blessings that I do have. Perhaps you should do the same.

  5. TaterSalad says:

    Sander Levin, Carl Levin, John Dingel and Debbie Stabenow have let the middle-class and working class down by spending two years on the healthcare bill which is a looser from the start (Commerce Clause) and NOT concentrating on the economy for these two years. NOW they are concerned. Give us a break! A little to late there progressives. In 2012 you all will become what we all are ………….unemployed. Enjoy!

    1. opinion8it says:

      You forgot a little detail regarding the healthcare bill. By adding coverage to millions of uninsured, it will mean that more doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals will have to be built. This means more jobs for the builders in the short run, and more jobs (permanent ones) in the healthcare industry in the long run. Take off those partisan blinders and see this bill for what it is — a job creator.

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