Nick Lidstrom has everything! 4 Stanley Cups, a Gold medal for the World Championships and the Olympics, 6 Norris Trophy’s, a Conn Smyth Trophy plus over 1000 points in his career, so yes, I would say that Nick Lidstrom has everything. In fact if I listed “everything” that Lidstrom has accomplished in the game of hockey, this blog would be we too long and you might get tired of reading, so let’s just call Nick what he has been referred to in the past…”the perfect human.” So now that we have established that #5 is perfect, the question now becomes, what do you get the perfect human that he doesn’t already have? The answer…you name a street after him! And that is what happened Thursday afternoon in Novi at the Novi Ice Arena. It used to be called “Arena Drive” but as of now it is referred to as “Nick Lidstrom Drive”.

The mayor of Novi addressed a crowd of over 300 people that gathered at the arena before Lidstrom himself talked about his gratitude about his newest accomplishment. After the ceremony, Nick talked to the media where he covered a litany of things, from how special it is to get a street named after him to how it would feel to get a ticket on his own street? I asked the captain if he looked for “Nick Lidstrom Drive” in his GPS yet. “I haven’t thought about that”, (while laughing) Lidstrom said and then went on claiming “hopefully it would be there soon.” The funny thing about his response is that you can use it for the answer of a couple of other questions as well like… when will his plaque be in the hall of fame and when will his name be raised to the rafters of Joe Louis Arena? Lidstrom’s response… “Hopefully it will be there soon” sounds about right, of course another Stanley Cup and numerous seasons in a Red Wings uniform “hopefully” come first!

Watch the video below for Nick Lidstrom’s reaction to having a street in Novi named after him.


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