Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 3-25-11

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What to expect from Scottie Pippen getting a bronze statue?
10. Hovering pigeons
9. Pippens statue will run out of bronze due to the nose – Kevin
8. What to expect from Pippens bust? You won’t be able to see it in that huge shadow of Michael Jordan’s bust
Pippen bust?
7. The Portland Trailblazers are also putting up a bust of Scottie Pippen but it won’t be nearly as good as the one in Chicago. Karl A2
6. What to expect from Scotty Pippen’s bronze bust: not to be outdone the pistons will put a Darko bust next to the Robocop statue
5. What to expect from Pippen’s bronze bust? If you move the Jordan bronze bust it disappears – Hutch Dearborn
4. What to expect from Scotty Pippen’s bronze bust: Lamar Odom will marry it
3. What to expect from the bronze bust: People will mistake it for George Hamilton.
2. What to expect from the bronze bust: Urgeth Urbina will melt it and then Patrick Kane will turn it into a bunch of pennies.
1. It will be donning a tall fuzzy hat, a long fur coat, and a cane. cuz everyone knows- ‘Pippen aint easy’. Bill, work

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