LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan is preparing to enact new restrictions on teen drivers-in-training.

Under the new legislation, teen drivers won’t be allowed to have more than one unrelated passenger under age 21, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or they are driving to and from school events. 

“It is very restrictive. It does clamp down on the behavior that kids have in cars, so that they’re concentrating on what’s going on on the road and not what’s going on in the back seat,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick.

The law also prohibits new teen drivers from getting behind the wheel between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless they are driving to or from work. The previous law allowed them to drive until midnight.

Comments (3)
  1. Nancy Mazza says:

    My son is 16 going on 17 in June. He said this law only applies to kids just getting their license and not ones that have had it for a year,. Does anyone know if this is true??

    1. Robin Tessier says:

      Don’t rely on what “someone” says. I would verify with the Secretary of State. Maybe check their website?

  2. Lisa says:

    You have to be kidding me! I can totally understand this for someone younger than 18, but now an ADULT, 18-20, is not allowed to drive after 10 pm unless coming from work or school? Be serious! This also puts more cars on the road for a group of young adults who go to dinner, show, event, park, etc … waste of gas, time and energy! I think this is just some lame attempt to give police officers opportunities to harrass drivers who are doing nothing wrong! I’m 50 years old and I certainly don’t want to be pulled over if I’m in the back seat of a car my 19 year old is driving because he thinks there are too many adults in the car (oh I guess that really means kids). I’m all for safety, but I think I lawmakers can find better things to do with their time and energy!

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