Calvin Johnson And Acura

Does it bother you that Calvin Johnson did this commercial?

Click HERE to see the video

  • Chris

    Very nice touch. Glad to see him get some air time

  • David

    Yeah I’m glad to see him get some air time, however, I just wish it would of been Detroit’s automakers who stepped up to the plate and offered him a similar gig.

  • rob

    It’s a slap in the face to the team owner and to the people of Detriot.

    Trade the turncoat while he has top value.

  • Bob

    Ford or GM didnt jump up to offer him a spot

  • Brent

    you are the best player on the first team of lions in many years that I actualy look forward to seeing on Sunday. With that said I hate you Calvin Johnson, you are the second biggest jerk in the NFL behind Michael Vick. Your commercial in a city that supports you and is begging for car buyers is like someone going to a mothers against drunk driving convention with a beer in one hand and keys in the other.

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