24 years ago, my friends and I bought tickets to see one of the 6 sold out shows at the Joe for Bob Seger’s farewell tour. Seger is awesome and it would be a shame to have this opportunity go by the wayside I thought. Alas, the day of the show came and Bob didn’t disappoint. He played all the hits and stirred the crowd into a frenzy.

I was happy. I got to see a legend make his final appearance in front of the home town fans, this was awesome!

That is, until he decided to tour again some years later. And then again, a few years after that. Bob Seger made the rounds four years ago and surely that must have been his last show? Nope. In a couple of months, Seger will make another farewell tour, in Favreian fashion.

I have held a grudge against the man for a long time because I was duped into thinking the show 24 years ago would be his last. I have maintained my disdain for his disingenuous “farewells” for years and years. And now I’m pissed because he made me type the word disingenuous…it shouldn’t even be a word!

But, I’ve come to realize that life is too short to hold onto a stupid faux hatred for someone I truly admire and respect as a musician. This probably will be Bob Seger’s last stand. So with that, I have decided to forgive and forget and attend one of his “final” shows. I have “Turned the Page” so to speak, and now very much look forward to hearing the classics done by our native son.

Lastly, I would encourage others to do the same. If you haven’t seen Seger, you really should. 24 years ago, I walked out of the Joe with a smile on my face and memories that I will always treasure. How could you not want that feeling again? Rock on Robert!

  1. Frydorov in Sterling Heights says:

    Gator, your hatred for Bob Seger seems disingenuous.

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