Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 3-29-11

Why did Beyonce fire her dad?
10. Because of Jay Z’s song 99 problems and her dad was one. Sheppard
9. He was mixing up his celebrities, calling Beyonce’s husband “Jay Wow” instead of “Jay Z.”
8. Beyonce didn’t fire her dad; she just locked him out until they agreed on how to spend her millions of dollars! Eric
7. Why did Beyonce fire her dad: Gordon Gee just hopes Beyonce doesn’t fire him?
6. Jessica Simpsons dad was going to replace him, but he thought Jessica was way hotter than Beyonce. Kyle Howell
5. WHY did Beyonce fire her dad? To hire Shaka Smart, she always wanted to be Cinderella.
4. Why did Beyonce fire her father? Because he didn’t like it and wouldn’t put a ring on it – Mike Belleville
3. Why did Beyonce fire her dad: a paternity test proved that it wasn’t Destiny’s Child after all….It was Travis Henry’s Child. Brett Pod
2. Beyonce fired her dad because Lindsey’s dad was now available. Eric
1. Why did Beyonce fire her dad: she felt that she should fire him before Urgeth Urbina did?

  • rickflint

    He was walking because everyone knows how dangerous driving and shaking your parrott is..

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