DETROIT (WWJ) – Joe Muer’s seafood restaurant closed it’s doors in May of 1998 and the old building on Gratiot in Detroit has since been torn down.

In an announcement Thursday, WWJ has learned the once-popular eatery will reopen. Same name, different owner. Now Andiamo Restaurant Group President and CEO Joe Vicari will be at the helm.

He says getting the million-plus dollars for the deal was not a slam dunk.

“Things are different today but we were able to talk to level one and they liked the idea and were happy about it, honestly we went to three or four banks before them and they were the ones that stepped up, we are really happy and excited,” says Vicari.

Neither Vicari, nor Joe Muir, will reveal the amount paid for the Joe Muer’s name and logo.

Comments (7)
  1. Ms. Davis says:

    Hooray. Great seafood! I have missed you. My son’s uses to work for the chain in southfield.years ago. They need jobs again. when and where will the jobs applications begin : )

    1. Joe Muer says:

      Ms Davis, They can apply to David Dewey thru Andiamo’s main #
      586 268 3200

  2. david gilliland says:

    My dad, Oliver Gilliland will be pleased to hear the good news. He was a maitre d at the original restaurant for many years and had a lot of good memories from the many people he met while employed there.

  3. Joe Muer says:

    David, Your Dad was one of those special people who became our family,
    I knew him since I was a kid and highly respect him. I talk to him about once a month.

  4. Allen says:

    Remember Master Elio Petrovich in the kitchen

  5. Maria Lopez says:

    When will the new restaurant start accepting new applications and how can I apply for a position?

  6. Hans Gerth says:

    Great news. Its a Detroit landmark. Wishing you good luck and sucsess.
    See you soon,

    Hans Gerth

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