DETROIT (WWJ) – Well-wishes from around the world for a little Trenton girl, who suffers from an incurable brain disease.  Family friend Michelle Yerigian  is collecting cards for 7-year old Kathleen Edward, who is now suffering from pneumonia.

Yerigian says that she has seen cards coming in from all over the world: “It’s really phenomenal how many people’s lives this little girl has touched.”

“She’s a miracle, she’s just the most beautiful little girl, who always has a smile no matter how bad the day is. She never shows her frustration … very rarely,” says Yerigian.

Yerigian says little Kathleen Edward has been through a lot. She suffers from the same incurable brain disease, which claimed the lives of her mother and grandfather.  

“We have to believe in a miracle for her, and the more cards we get for her, I think it would just encourage her more for her spirit,” says Yerigian.

The girl’s story first came to light after a neighbor was hauled into court for taunting and harassing the Edward family.  The woman pleaded guilty and was forced to move out of the neighborhood.


Michelle Yerigian
4193 Coolidge Ave.
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

  1. Edna Baugh says:

    This is an amazing little girl. I heard it on Radio WWJ950 a nd I felt Iad to send this little Girla card. May God Bless her and her Family over allthe days to come.

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