DETROIT (WWJ) – Jesse Jackson met with local union leaders Thursday planning strategy to fight what they say is an attack on the middle class. 

WWJ City Beat reporter Vickie Thomas was the only reporter at the meeting and has the exclusive details from AFSCME Headquarters in Detroit.

“The Governor is running a confederate agenda without the flag, whether here or Wisconsin, this anti-labor, anti-civil rights, stripping workers of their rights,using the voter ID to make access more difficult,  it’s a state’s rights agenda,” says Rev. Jackson.

Several marches and rallies and a prayer breakfast are planned before a massive protest in Lansing on April 13th.

Another rally is planned on Monday, April 4 in protest of a bill that passed through the Michigan Senate earlier this month that will give city Financial Managers broad powers; stripping voters of their right to elect such officials.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and State Governor Rick Snyder were both proponents of the legislation and citizens are outraged. The “Detroit 5000 March” will take place at the Coleman A. Young Building in Downtown Detroit at noon.  This 4th of April marks the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who died in Memphis in 1968 while defending the collective bargaining rights of sanitation workers in the city.

Michigan AFSCME Council 25, has more than 90,000 members in Michigan and more than 1.6 million AFSCME members nationwide.

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  1. instantrebate says:

    Don’t bother Jesse “The Poverty Pimp” Jackson with your so-called strategy. You are a joke. As a UAW retiree myself, Michigan, having you anywhere around the UAW turns me and my other UAW reitress off to the UAW and we vote accordingly. I am also the middle-class and don’t need you for a voice of me because you are a “race baiter” and if the UAW continues to have you hanging around the UAW will never gain influence. I am joinging the Tea Party as of today after hearing this BS!!

  2. Jim says:

    Jesse, go back to your church, wherever that is. There must have been a camera in the area. You are just a big mouth loser who has nothing better to do. The Governor is doing a superb job. GO HOME! If some Confererate flags show up where you are, you will have brought them out.

  3. spoofproof says:

    It’s not the middle class that’s being cut down to size. It’s the GOVERNMENT CLASS. Notice how the defenders of corrupt Big Labor Big Government always make themselves out to be middle class? Well they ain’t middle class. They are fat-cat government bureaucrats and 75% of them need to be gone yesterday.

  4. JosephineSouthern says:

    well jesse read The South was Right by Kennedy!

  5. Janis McKinney says:

    I agree that Jesse only comes around when it suits him, but only a fool would join the tea party now. They are the ones that got us into this big mess. Now that Snyder is governor, the government is taking over more control of our lives _ not less. With the EFM’s it is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

  6. TaterSalad says:

    Not so with the Tea Party getting us in this mess. It is the entitlement or “Free Loading” society of America and the Progressive agenda that is in place in America and free lanced in our schools. Big government is NOT the answer Janis McKinney with due respect. Where are the expenses of entitlements placed upon the taxpayers to end. Is 50% enough? Is 60 % of your wages enough for entitlements? When it gets to 100% to pay for entitlements and legacy costs placed upon the taxpayer then you have complete sociialism and then handouts and bread lines. Enjoy your ideology because it is wrong!

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