Gavin Edwards: *Yawn*. Wake Me Up When It’s Over

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(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

I love the college basketball tournament. Love it. I think college basketball is the purest form of the sport. You typically don’t have the overblown egos and showmanship of the NBA. Every game really is meaningful (a 16 will win one day, guaranteed). The parity for the most part is evident throughout the month of March. Any team can win any game. But because of the last two reason, I could not be less interested in the games this weekend.

I think the Butler story is great. The Bulldogs are getting people to question the “mid-major” label, and for the second consecutive year have proven they can hang with, and beat, the best teams in the country. But they’re playing VCU in the semifinal. There’s nothing to hate there. VCU and Butler are the teams you hope beat Duke, North Carolina, or Ohio State. Neither one is unlikable, but neither one has enough of an identity to be appealing on their own.

And in the late game, you have Kentucky and UConn. Whatever. It’s a good match-up, I know. But I don’t love UConn, and I don’t hate Kentucky. I “nothing” both of those programs. People say they hate John Calipari. Why? He’s never won anything larger than an NIT Championship. Hate on Mike Krzyzewski if you want; at least he’s won enough national championships at Duke to make it worth your time. And Jim Calhoun? Ok, I might dislike him for the beating his team put on the Spartans in Maui this fall. But we learned that MSU’s #2 rank at that time was fraudulent, so I can’t even be mad that UConn pulled off some crazy upset.

I, like almost everyone else I know, will be watching college basketball this weekend. But CMT is showing the Pauly Shore classic “Son In Law” tomorrow afternoon. That’s pretty good, too.

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