WARREN (WWJ) – An 18-year-old Cousino High School student who has been in the United States with her family since she was 4-years-old will be allowed to graduate with her class in June, but then she will have to leave the country.

Ola Kaso was born in Albania. Her family came to the U.S. 14 years ago and applied for political asylum. Their request was denied and a previous attorney did not file the proper paperwork, which meant that the family had to be deported, an action they have fought for years.

The family has now been told they will be allowed to stay in the country until Ola graduates from high school, but after that they must leave.

Kaso admitted to WWJ’s Marie Osborne that her family does not know where they will end up after she graduates.

“I don’t even know where to start over at. I mean, quite frankly, it would be a culture shock. I know nothing but the United States culture, the way of life, the language. I’m completely immersed within this culture. And to move to a place that’s completely foreign to me is just so, I don’t know, its bewildering,” Kaso said.

The family’s current attorney Ashley Mammo said she has continued to work to have the family stay, but things are out of her hands.

“[Ola] was devastated because she came to the country when she was 4-years-old and she’s now 18. This is the only country she’s ever known. She’s your average teenager,” Mammo said.

Kaso was accepted to the pre-medical program at the University of Michigan. She was also named to the Macomb area conference all-acedemic team.

“I want nothing more than to become a doctor and save American lives. And we’ve done everything by the book. We’ve come here legally. We have legally tried to gain citizenship. We have paid taxes. We have bought a home, bought a business, attended schools. We’ve done nothing wrong,” Kaso said.

Kaso has an older sister, who has earned two Master’s Degrees while in the country, and her parents own a bakery, which they will have to sell.

Mammo said despite the family’s devastation and confusion about their future, they will comply with the deportation order.

“They’re a very strong family, so, you know, they’re going to hope for the best. I mean, yeah they are devastated, but they said they will deal with it,” Mammo said.

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Comments (25)
  1. Alisa says:

    This is just a damn shame. Here is a young, LEGAL immigrant who has worked hard enough to earn herself a spot in the pre-med progrom of one of the top universities in the nation and they want to send her back. Yet, we have thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border but no one does anything about them. Great job Homeland Security. How on earth can you make this girl and her family leave? They have done nothing wrong!

    1. Douglas says:

      NOT LEGAL assylum was NEVER granted.

    2. Andy says:

      LEGAL, really? And the order for deportation is why?

  2. TaterSalad says:

    Laws are laws and they are there for a reason. Take a look at the southern border and wveryone will see what happens when the security is lax down there and all the illegals come over to the U.S. and have bankrupted the country with welfare, medical and criminal acts. Pathetic! This is NOT the wild west anymore like the liberals in this country want it to be!

    1. Angie says:

      A case worker didn’t file paperwork, this was beyond their control. Certainly beyond Ola’s control. She is a student of mine. She is extremely responsible, dedicated and a role model to her peers. This is a family who paid their taxes, owned their own business…upstanding citizens. Ola wants to be a surgical oncologist for God’s sake! She could find the next cure for cancer and the government is going to deport her!

      And you are right, this is not the wild, wild west…back then we were the immigrants, and took land and RIGHTS away from the NATIVE americans.

      1. Andy says:

        As a teacher, you should exercise critical thinking in your comments. Because a case worker didn’t file the paperwork, you think this exonerates the Kaso family’s failure to verify such an important thing as their immigration status, directly with the Immigration Services for so many years?

  3. Theresa Zientak says:

    I feel bad for this Albanian family. Even if they arrived here illegally, they DID indeed try to make it legal. WE ALL CAME HERE FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE! I am half Mexican, and yes, I admit, the Mexicans on the southern borders are ruining it for all the others….but, that’s the goverments fault, and they should seriously reorganize the system. The Mexicans and illigal immigration are promenant ONLY because it is easiest for them, with them being on our country’s borders. But if someone comes here, and tries to become legal, they should be given a fair chance if they are proven to of no possible threat to our country.

    1. angie says:

      I agree. My father came here from Greece when he was 25. Unless we are Native Americans we all came here from somewhere else. I thought our nation took pride in being “the melting pot.” What happened?

  4. daveu says:

    Amazing! An immigrant who has made a difference in the community being kicked out of the country. Yet, illegal alien criminals continue to walk the streets. We need to rally together and find out which politicians are involved and vote them out!

    1. Anna says:

      Keep in mind a student like Ola would also be classified as an “illegal alien”. Maybe we need a change in rhetoric.

    2. Theresa Andthatsit says:

      You may be referring to the Mexicans…but not all the Mexicans are bad. We have all American white boys that are walking the street as white trash…that don’t want an education or a job. Just welfare or to be a thief or drug dealer. That white boy is of some decent…perhaps Polish, German, Dutch, any other country. I would rather have an illigal alien working for me that is a hard worker than white trash with a bad attitude. Sometimes that is all that is available. Believe me.

    3. Andy says:

      Ola is an illegal alien, thus the order for deportation. Check the facts before making impulsive statements.

  5. ContraryMary says:

    Where’s the ACLU and LA RACE? Why no protests in front of ICE offices in Detroit? I thought you were for ALL illlegal aliens but I never hear about you unless it’s one of your LA RACE. What? We need more tomato pickers but not more DOCTORS??

    1. PL says:

      ContraryMary, you are wrong!! Dream Activist students across the United States, many of whom are Latino, are fighting to prevent Ola Kaso’s deportation and many other students of different ethnicities who are facing a similar situation!!

  6. Mack says:

    Family Values will hold this family together where ever they go unlike the ILLEGAL invaders from south of our National Borders who only want to steal our resources and turn our Nation into just another Third World Country. Of course our past President said many times that the United States was lucky that when the ILLEGALS invaded our southern border that they did not leave their Family Values of course he did not mention all of the murders, drugs, and their financial burden on the United States. All ILLEGALS need to be deported but of course the ILLEGALS who furnish the cheap labor to the Elitist Political Contributors will be defended by our Elitist Politcians,

  7. George says:

    I really feel with Ola’s family because I was in their shoes once. I came to the U.S.A legally on a visa for three month but, due to an active war in my country who started after I’ve arrived one month I’ve applied to the political asylum, My lawyer that time told me that my case is guaranteed because there were really no roads open to my home country and my visa was going to expire so anyway to cut the long short, met my wife, got married, wife graduated, got a work permit,moved to another state, CANCELED THE ASYLUM CASE ! which thank god was a good thing to do, opened my own business bought a new house got ready to have kids with my wife and life was beautiful TILL !!! we’ve received a letter from the immigration that I should depart in 2 weeks from the country…. after 4 years of life in the U.S paying high TEXAS $1400 every month cause we were considered high income my wife and I … so I left with all the pain and the nightmares closed the business hired a lawyer and after 3 years of painful waiting time and losing all our saving, business, house, I came back to my wife, see I am writing this story not to bored anyone in fact I am writing it to Ola’s family. I do understand that system and laws are meant to save citizens right and I agree with that 100% but they should really consider cases for people with good manners who intends to live and share building this nice country.

  8. MissDaisy says:

    If ICE sends her and her family back, what’s their excuse for letting all the illegals from Mexico stay? I just don’t get it. They actually paid taxes while they were here and didi everything legally. She should immediately apply for a student visa.

    1. Andy says:

      What’s the excuse? They don’t have the manpower to track down all the illegal immigrants. Ola walked right into the lion’s den and got served with orders for deportation later. She can’t apply for a student visa because of her illegal status in the States. Please please, provide informed comments that are not based purely on emotion. Having said all this, I do hope that the Dream Act Bill is re-introduced and passed because I believe people like Ola should be able to stay.

  9. spytheweb says:

    Their request was denied, they should have resubmitted it this time with the proper paperwork and follow up on it. They were in the country for 14 years, what have they been doing all that time?

    1. 3453 says:

      that weren’t aware that the request was denied.

      1. Anna says:

        They were aware that they didn’t have status and that is why they were making routine visits to ICE and then ICE decided to take action. The point is that even though they knew they didn’t have legal status, there is no way for students like Ola to become citizens, which is why we need the DREAM Act. Even though Ola now has deferred status, she still is not a permanent resident or citizen and it would take the DREAM Act to give her real status. Ola is just one of many and that is why we need the DREAM Act!

      2. Andy says:

        And the failure to check with their attorney is whose fault? Besides, it takes a phone call to check your status with the Immigration Services.

  10. aw says:

    absolutely ridiculous! I’ve know Ola for years and she is an amazing young women with strong goals if life! She wants to help people and do something with her life unlike the many men and women sitting on there butts relying on our goverment to help them! She should not be deported and if anyone else agrees there is a petition going around her school COUSINO which with 15000 signatures by May 20th will allow her to stay! please come by cousino and help!

  11. carl says:

    If she is 18 she can apply for asylum herself,she is emancipated…..

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