Ferndale (WWJ) The owner of a Ferndale cafe says he has set a new record for the world’s longest concert. 

The concert titled “Assembly Line, 3rd Shift” wrapped up at AJ’s Cafe on Nine Mile just after 7 p.m. Sunday night after more than 362 straight hours. 

Guinness officials will have to verify the time.  If it holds, AJ’s will retake the record from an Atlanta pizza pub that held a concert for more than 343 hours last July. That record broke AJ’s record.

AJ’s latest concert started March 19th and the stage had to move outside to a makeshift stage for about 12 hours after a small electrical malfunction sent smoke throughout the cafe.

“This marks an end of the beginning,” an elated but tired AJ O’Neil said in a statement.  “We have shown the world that we have a loud strong voice in support of our economic viability and our message of “cross-trickle” economics and the protection of the rights of the American worker.”

The concert was first held three years ago in support of domestic auto and manufacturing workers and the unions who represent them.


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