Renaming Charlie Sheen’s tour…
10. Charlie sheens tour new name, the holy giant clam tour! Eric
9. Renaming charley sheen’s tour. The when winning goes very very very wrong tour. Kevin from Shelby
8. New name for Sheen tour: Hot Shots Part Doo-Doo
7. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed just the biggest tool. Tour- Jansen in Farmington Hills
6. FROM: Deuce… New name for Sheen’s tour: The At No point did you come close to a rational thought, I award you 0 points, may God have mercy on your soul Tour
5. The “I wish I had seen Snookie at Rutgers instead of this crap tour” Dan Ypsi
4. New names for Charlie sheens show…. Two and a half men….are all that’s going to be attending the last show…show.
3. The Violent Torpedo of BOOOOO’s
2. Other names for tour. . . Suckiest suck that ever sucked tour Cory
1. Charlie Sheen’s “Refund is not an option” tour!


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