I went to the Sheen show on Saturday night more for work than for pleasure. It was a pop culture moment in Detroit and I thought I should check it out. Yes, much of the audience had enjoyed a few adult beverages. Yes, it was a tough room (just ask the opening comedian), but had the audience been given anything that even closely resembled entertainment I think people would have been satisfied. As the crowd poured out of the theater on Saturday night, they warned anyone who had bought tickets for the next tour dates to sell or stay home. On Sunday the headlines were everywhere, “Charlie Sheen’s Opening Night Bombs!” But somehow, by Monday the blame had shifted. Detroit was the bad guy and Sheen the sacrificial lamb. Those who attended the Chicago show said they had a great time, and didn’t understand what Detroiters had been bitching about. Chicago didn’t understand, because Chicago got a completely different show. Sheen scrapped the nonsensical, rambling, hero worshiping, multi-media production that Detroit sat through and stripped things down to a 90-minute talk show. His friend and tour manager acted as an emcee who asked Sheen questions on everything from life with the “goddesses” to almost starring in the original “Karate Kid”. From all reports, Sheen was relaxed, funny and more or less just being himself. Had he done this in Detroit, the show would not have been a violent torpedo of boos.

  1. Carabini says:

    DETROIT AP Charlie Sheen has been duh winning in the showbiz world for years starring in top-grossing movies and hit TV shows. Now the 45-year-old warlock is coming to a theater near you in an attempt to cast a spell on the world of live entertainment.A month-long 20-city Sheen road show kicks off in Detroit where hes expected to well its not entirely clear what hes going to do.

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