ROMULUS (WWJ) – An annual study of airline quality shows an increase in unhappy travelers despite a drop in lost bags, fewer bumped passengers and more on-time arrivals.

Reporting from Detroit Metro Airport, WWJ’s Mike Campbell found that it’s all a matter of perception. Some people told Mike that yes, that study is right on target; the airlines are getting worse. But, others told him that we’re getting too sensitive and that it’s the nature of the business: you’ve gotta make money if you wanna stay flying.

“They’re not serving the passengers. They’re serving security,” one man told Mike. “We’ve gotta have security, but they’re not serving the passengers.”

“I didn’t experience any troubles,” another man said. “I flew to Mexico most of last year, every other weekend; didn’t have any troubles.”

An industry worker told Mike that, yes, there are going to be more canceled flights because the airlines are flying fewer planes, trying to fill up seats, make money and keep on flying.


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