HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) – It could be another signal that the future of ABC’s cop drama “Detroit 187” is in doubt: The network is leaving its studio space in Highland Park. 

ABC-TV has said they are not going to make a decision about a second season for the Motown-based show until May.

Jason Richman, executive producer of the show, tells the Detroit News they have not been told about any final decision. 

This, plus the uncertainty of the film tax credits in Michigan appear to be the reason behind the closing of their studio in Highland Park.

A source at the stage set said they will begin moving out the equipment and close up shop, primarily because it is a cost-saving move.

Last year the show spent $47.3 million in Michigan, with $19.6 million returned through tax incentives.

The show moved it the studios in Detroit after originally being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. The first season of “Detroit 187” ended in March.

Comments (79)
  1. Dillmom says:

    This would be a shame, one of the best shows this year!

    1. lyn says:

      I agree dont take it off the air

  2. Ed LAMB says:

    I am so impressed by the excellent research and inclusion of what I know is my Detroit. What’s next – local news from Texas like music radio?

  3. Sassy says:

    I agree with both Dillmom and Ed LAMB!

    1. Koch M. Lee says:

      This is the best show in a long time and I just heard it was not renewed!!! Let’s all campaign for another newtwork to pick it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Denny says:

      Detroit 187 was set to be the next NYPD Blue or Hill Street Blues. A great cast and great writing. If the writers could have taken a cue from Brothers and Sisters or Private Practice with gay or interracial story lines, it may have been renewed. Just a great American cop drama doesn’t cut it anymore.

      1. kay says:

        I agree. Great show. ABC….bring it back !!

  4. Nancy-North Carolina says:

    The best cop show on TV!! Best acting, scripts!

  5. Brandy B. says:

    As a Detroiter, this show has been so much fun to watch because it was filmed in our city. I enjoyed watching every minute of it. That being said, although some of the acting was top notch, there was a lot of really bad acting on the show. Dialogue was average but it definitely had suspense. All in all, it would be a shame for the city to lose this show and for the state to lose that income.

  6. DavidM says:

    Agreed with all the above; its an excellent show just as it is.

  7. ron D says:

    Believe me this show is deep i love it!! i love the multicultural appeal in the actors i see.. Riviting stories… i’m a born and raised brooklynite and still live in brooklyn NY. Detriot i have a fondness for – and this show is pushing me to set aside vacation time to check it out.. the motown, the automotive history…this show blends it all in…

    1. Phil K. says:

      ABC does not give a chance for a show to find its audience. They put all there eggs in one basket like Dancing With The Stars

  8. M Zambito says:

    Good show, excellent cast, Detoit 187 needs to continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. PKC says:

    Great show. With each show the story line got better and better. It would be a shame if it was cancelled.

  10. gayle h says:

    please don’t cancel this show..great acting..characters that you can care about..great chemistry..good writing***i live in chicago but love this show
    10 times more than the chicago code**!!!!

  11. barbara simpson says:

    this is a great show with a dynamic cast. it has been a wonderful economical
    boost to the city of detroit. pls dont cancel -give it another chance

  12. Sharo says:

    I miss Detroit 187 so much. I really hope that ABC will stand up for quality and keep this show on, even if they have to play around with the day and time. You don’t have to be from Detroit to enjoy this show. Michael Imperioli is really something to watch. I never heard of him before (didn’t watch Sopranos), so he was new to me. Great actor. I hope there will be reruns during the summer. I’ll watch them all again.

  13. Irene says:

    Please keep Detroit 187 on the air. The cast is top notch and full of quirky interesting characters. The show humanizes police officers and shows they have regular lives like every other person. The interactions between the East Indian Detective and his partner, the former actor from NYPD Blue, (sorry don’t know their actual names) are hilarious. And Michael Imperioli is a gem. Would definitely like to see more character driven police shows like this one rather then just all out violence and mayhem. This show is special please give it a chance and renew it!

  14. Greta T. says:

    RENEW, RENEW, RENEW Detroit 1-8-7!!!!!!
    I like ALL of the characters–they grow on you!!!
    ALL of these comments are very valid!!
    This series is a TREASURE!!!!
    RENEW, RENEW, RENEW Detroit 1-8-7!!!!!!
    Give us a SECOND SEASON!!!

  15. Marie Conrad says:

    Please keep Detroit 187 on the air RENEW,RENEW. I love all of the characters and I find Michael Imperioli does a fantastic job as a tough but understanding and compassionate person.Pleasw don’t take them off!!!!!!!

  16. Kiril says:

    Come on ABC, don’t cancel another great show I was really getting into it too.. hel out the city’s economy to boot!

  17. Lori Steinfeld says:

    I absolutely loved the show, from the moment it began, it was riveting… Getting to know the background of the cast, and using Micheal’s son, was just genius…When the hour was up, it went to so fast….Between the Lieutenant, and the crew, this has been the best cop show, in years, right up there with “Southland”, which can”t be compared, they are so different….Why would you cancel it…I really like “Chicago Code”, and it will never beat out’ Detroit 1-8-7″, TOO HUMAN, THAT WE CAN RELATE TO…Love the show, Don”t let it Go!!!! I even loved the car commercials, from Detroit, really powerful….

  18. halina novakovich says:

    Love this show .Its much better then any new shows on TV.Please ABC keep this show , give it some time and people will find it and love it.RENEW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Patrick M says:

    Love this show! Bring it back for another season.

  20. Marsha B says:

    My husband and I love this show. Great acting, great storylines. Why is it every time a good show comes on, it is cancelled in a season or two. If you want to save money or whatevery the reason, get rid of most of the reality shows – enough already. Please keep this show!

  21. Raptorman3 says:

    Best cop show on TV period…I like Blue Bloods too, but this show puts Bloods to shame…Come on ABC, renew it, leave it at a good time slot and don’t interupt it, aka like 24…That’s how you build an audience, not by pre-emting all the time…WAKE UP ABC…

  22. Karen D says:

    My husband and I thought we were the only ones watching. Please, please do renew. This show is so much more thoughtful than many other “cop” shows – although we are also fans of Southland. Why is it that good shows don’t get renewed and lousy shows do?

  23. Alton Tyre says:

    Best police show on TV since NYPD Blue. Hopefully there is still a place on TV for great scripted dramas. I am so tired of reality shows which really aren’t very real at all. The cast has great chemistry, the show is well written, and Detroit, with all of its issues, is a great setting for the show. If shows were yanked in the past the way they are now if they don’t immediately have a big audience, some of the greatest shows in TV history would be just footnotes.

  24. Barb T says:

    We love this show. It is so well done with great diversity and the filming is superb.
    While there was drama there was always a little humor and Fitch-he was a great charactor! Please bring it back.

  25. Maureen N says:

    Love, Love, Love this show…..It is a Bright Light in the Dull TV Programming Season…..Must bring it back

  26. Renee Devereaux says:

    PLEEEEEEEZ!!!!! DO NOT take Detroit 187 off the air!!! It is my ALL TIME favorite show!!! LOVE Detective Fitch!!! YOU MUST bring it back. Im not much of a TV watcher but every Tues night @ 10 I was glued to the TV. Make our opinions matter, Save the show!!!

  27. RB says:

    That will really suck if this show does not come back. Love this show! Please bring it back for MANY years to come

  28. Rozann Robinson says:

    Please, Please do not cancel this show. I love all the characters, especially Fritz.

  29. Rozann Robinson says:

    Sorry…Fitch not Fritz. Oh well I love him and his son.

  30. Jackie G. -Maine says:

    We love this show. Ditto all the praises written by others. Please please please do not cancel. It is the only new show we continued to watch. Looked forward to it every week. Loved Imperioli in the Sopranos and love him again.

  31. AB says:

    This is my favorite show on TV! I looked forward to it every week so I will be devastated if it is canceled, especially by a show like “Body Of Proof,” which, after two episodes, has yet to hook me. I loved the fast pace, increasingly intrigiuing characters, surprising plot twists, and authentic feel of Detroit 187. If ABC gives it the axe, I hope another network picks it up.

  32. Susan L says:

    don’t cancel this excellent show. PLEASE!

  33. Carol says:

    Please do not cancel this show. It is a great. It needs to be given another chance. Put it in a good time slot and stop preempting for other shows. The actors are all excellent. Especially love Det. Fitch. I looked forward to seeing the show each week. To cancel this show would be crazy.

  34. Samantha Lamerato says:

    “This, plus the uncertainty of the film tax credits in Michigan appear to be the reason behind the closing of their studio in Highland Park.” … Did MI do something else with the tax laws to discourage MORE money from coming into Detroit? I hope not.

  35. Brian Witt says:

    I worked in Detroit for a while, (2000-2003) and fell in love with the city. I enjoy 187 because it is a good show. MAybe not the greatest, but better thn many that are on the air, I do hope ABC picks it up again.

  36. Donna from NY says:

    Please don’t cancel this show….one of the best new shows on T.V. It needs to be advertised more and placed in a good spot like Saturday Night…….The acting is great, cast is believable……It needs to be given a chance like NCIS was.

  37. Dean Waterman says:

    1-8-7 had depth the first episode. Rarely does a pilot episode grab you intellectually, and emotionally, as 1-8-7 did. Each character is interesting, with “Fitch” the deepest of them all.

    The problem with Networks today is they are driven most by advertisers than their customers (you and I). Advertisers want the 18-49 segment, and if the ratings don’t do well, weaker advertisers (read cheaper) fill in the ad blocks, rather than top-paying ones. It’s a sad fact of TV.

    When the viewer becomes more important than the dollar, it will all work out in the end. Keep a show in place, be consistent with time and day, an people will tune in.

  38. Nick DeVitto says:

    great show, should definately return.

  39. Tammy Coe says:

    The state needs to work something out, Detroit is a dying city and needs all the income it can get. I was born and raised in Detroit and it feels good to watch my home on the big screen not to mention my son was an extra in the show, Detroit stand up for your progress and Michigan give them a break what else have you got going on since most of the plants have shut down? Revenue is revenue don’t turn it away something is better than nothing!

  40. Colleen says:

    Please put the show back on. Don’t punish us with Body of Proof or (heaven forbid) Wipe-Out. It is a great show with a diverse cast and well-developed characters. I usually do not like crime dramas but this one is great.

  41. Joyce Richard says:

    Please do not cancel this show. We have been waiting for something like this since NYPD blue. The DPD characters have evolved over the season, thereby enriching and developing their relationships, personal situations, and the plot. This program actually causes the viewer to care about what happens to its characters, an unusual response to TV offerings. Michael Imperioli is a star. The introduction of his son as a character is seamless and realistic. An improvement to the show would be to lose the federal agent as a continuing (and unrealistic) character. Please, give this program another chance.

  42. Jeff says:

    Ditto to all of the prior comments, my wife and I found the characters interesting and growing each week. We truly looked forward to it and if we were not going to be there to see it, the DVR was set to record it. You would think that at lease one Programming Exec is smart enough to see what we see, If Michigan or the City of Detroit has not done everything they are able to do to get the program renewed they are shortsighted at best. 187 is the definition of a winner Charlie.

  43. ahk says:

    This show SO deserves another season. I have missed it since its last episode and, it appears, so do many others. Please ABC, bring it back!

  44. michael l. Johnson says:

    This is another example of a television abortion.(create, then terminate). Put detroit 187 on at 8:00 p.m. and the ratings will begin to pay off. This is a show of substance and reality.Who the h_ _ _l cares about celebrity dancers/and or reality shows. Give the viewers what they really want, a weekly series such as Detroit 187. Thet don’t come along very often.

  45. Mark says:

    This is so disappointing. I’m glad I checked the internet, now I finally know what happened to this show.

    I don’t get it. How come the best crime shows always get cancelled? Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Southland- the best new crime show in 10 years. Does anybody remember Michael Mann’s gritty “Robbery Homicide Division” back in 2003?

    Meanwhile NCIS Los Angeles soars in the ratings. Next we’ll see CSI: Bakersfield.

  46. Don says:

    This is a tremendous show and both my wife and I watch and hope it’s renewed for another season. The chemistry between the characters is the best, and the lead guy and former Soprano actor is outstanding. Maybe cable will pick this up if ABC cancels ? Hope so !
    Don in Houston

  47. Susan Monty says:

    This would be a great disappointment to me as well as my friends. Detroit 1-8-7 is very refreshing. Great entertainment with a terrific cast. This would be a sad day if you stopped this great new show. Please find a new time slot or move it to another outlet.

  48. Sharo says:

    We miss Detroit 1-8-7 very much. I’m wondering if it be shown as repeats during the summer. At least that!

  49. BlackPearl says:


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