BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) – Some are calling it an artistic expression, others say it’s an eye sore. WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports one Birmingham neighborhood is feuding with a local celebrity over a proposed home.

Linda Dresner is internationally known for her fashion boutiques, but her plans to build a minimalist modern home in Birmingham has some people fuming.

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An example of the type of architecture near the proposed site of the Dresner home. (WWJ Photo Marie Osborne)

In a neighborhood of brick, wood and stately homes, the 7,000 square foot home, neighbors feel it just doesn’t fit in.

“I never thought that a new person to the neighborhood would sue 10 of their neighbors before they ever moved in,” says Jim Mirro a resident of the block.

Pointing to a photo of the proposed home, Jim Miro speaks for many in the neighborhood, when he says, “It’s rectangular, it’s poured concrete, it’s all white, it has no windows or doors facing Shirley Street,  it’s pretty stark,” he says.

The neighborhood association asked Dresner to reconsider but she responded by serving them all with legal papers, then the group backed down. The plans to build the home are moving forward.

Comments (3)
  1. Dan says:

    That house on the right, in the photo, looks like a foreclosed property – with it’s boarded up doors.

  2. sandra says:

    nice house! lots of windows facing street! should make your homes value go up!

  3. ARTY says:

    Read the caption and then you will understand

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