Things more accurate than Uconn & Butler…
10. More accurate than Butler-UCONN…Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem. Matt at the auction
9. Things more accurate than Butler & UCONN? Antonio Cromartie naming his children is more accurate. Tom, Westland
8. Coyote going after roadrunner – Cheech
7. Things more accurate than UConn and butler…Michigan kickers. Scott in Berkley
6. Things more accurate: Oprah Winfrey’s ability to tell the difference between a Birthmark and some Lipstick.
5. More accurate than Butler and UConn? John Kitna’s win predictions with the lions. -Brent
4. More accurate: everyone’s 2011 brackets. Jenn
3. More accurate than Butler last night? Shaun Hill’s 2 pt conversion attempt in Buffalo. -Brent
More accurate? Choosing “C” for all of your SAT answers. From Dave via my R2D2 Droid!
2. More accurate than Uconn Butler shooting. A snowball fight between Dontrell Willis and Rick Ankiel. Dave in Memphis
1. Things more accurate than Butler and UConn in last night’s game: Vince Young’s answers on the Wonderlic test – Scott


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