DETROIT (WWJ) – Fans of ABC’s “Detroit 187” hope their show comes back for a second season, but a new clue could mean trouble for the crime drama’s future. 

WWJ’s Mike Campbell reports from “Detroit 187’s” stage set up in Highland Park at I-75 and Davidson, which is being packed up and put away.  

A worker for the crew says due to lackluster ratings in season one and the uncertainty of the Michigan Film Incentive program continuation there is too much uncertainty of the shows’ return.

The crew says it’s just good business sense to pack up and wait and see what happens.

What is known is that the 20-25 security guards and supervisors on site at this location will now be out of a job.

  1. Neshat Naghavi says:

    Hey me and my neighbor Rita B. Want the show Detroit 187 back on the air. Yu guys cannot let I-75& stage & crew packing up stop this show from being on air. No excuses guys. Yu can find another new crew&stage in Detroit,Michigan to keep me& my neighbor’s favorite show& my favorite actor Michael Imperioli on air. Neshat Naghavi :) Thanks guys

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