DETROIT (WWJ) – A 13-year-old girl taken by authorities late last month from her mother during a barricaded stand-off by police will remain in state custody.

Referee Leslie T. Graves ruled that the State did have the right to take the child from her mother.

godboldo 050 Standoff Mom: Come Help Me, Obama!

Supporters rally outside the courthouse, Wednesday morning (WWJ Photo/Vickie Thomas)

Outside the courtroom, Wednesday, Maryanne Godboldo pleaded for help to get her daughter back.

“I need the President of the United States to step into this. Come help me, Obama!  Come help me, First Lady Obama! I want my daughter back. Think of your daughters,” she said.

Godboldo is facing charges in a March 24th standoff with police in which she allegedly fired a gun. Godboldo was refusing to hand over her daughter, Ariana Godboldo, to Child Protective Services.

The 12-hour standoff ended peacefully when Godboldo surrendered to authorities.

Mia Wenk, of Child Protective Services testified at Wednesday’s hearing that she, last month, had filed a petition of 17 allegations and an order to take the girl into protective custody.

Wenk testified that there had been four referrals to CPS regarding Godboldo and her daughter. Wenk said she was advised that Ariana, who had been diagnosed with a type of psychosis, was not receiving her medication. She said that Godboldo also refused to discuss alternative treatment options.

Godboldo said she was protecting her daughter from the psychotropic drugs that she said were doing more harm than good.

Attorneys for Godboldo and Ariana’s father, Mubarak Hakim, have said they don’t believe Child Protective Services made a reasonable effort to work with the family.

Meantime, supporters are rallying behind Godboldo, saying their focus is on protecting parental rights. Wednesday morning, a group gathered outside the courthouse to show their support.

Comments (5)
  1. george says:

    u watch, it’ll come out the father has been taggin that little girl years and the mother knew.

  2. linda c says:

    yes – it’s to cover up child abuse – this little girl was found to have stds – horrible – the mom had to know.

  3. Dr.wu says:

    Shooting at the police does not demonstrate stability in a mother. Asking for Obama to help is rather insane too…. Keep the kid away from this whack job!

  4. mhirzel says:

    Wow. Three idiotic comments in a row!

  5. lewwaters says:

    Defying state mandated health care? Shooting at Police? Calling on Obama?

    Silly woman, doesn’t she know this is the Obamacare she supported?

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