Plymouth-based Stardock Inc. has sold its Impulse Inc. game distribution subsidiary to the Grapevine, Texas-based computer and video game retailer GameStop.

In an online FAQ to Stardock customers, Stardock said there would be “no disruption in service to existing or newly created accounts. Impulse will continue to function as normal for existing and new customers. Your current purchases will continue to be available through Impulse, Inc. ”

Stardock said that all key employees that worked for Impulse are to stay with Impulse under GameStop’s ownership.

In an interview with the gaming blog Joystiq, Stardock founder Brad Wardell noted that Impulse was originally founded as a way for Stardock to distribute its own games — but that over the past three years, its growth exploded in digital distribution.

Joystiq quoted Wardell as saying: “Last year, because Impulse’s revenue was growing so much, more resources were being dedicated to it. We were either going to have to become a retailer, or we were going to have to find some other way … Not everyone’s goal in life is to run a thousand person company.”

Stardock’s FAQ says the company will continue to develop new computer games. In fact, it’s hiring — software engineers of all types, project managers, senior developers and artists.

Efforts to contact Stardock for comment Wednesday were not successful.


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