DETROIT (WWJ) – Shutting off water lines, turning off streets lights — even eliminating roads. Those are some of the options on the table as part of Mayor Dave Bing’s Detroit Works Project to reshape the city.

Those are some of the many ideas — with pros and cons — posted online recently by city workers. Also included are maps, stories about the city, and other data.

Details on incentives to consolidate neighborhoods are expected in June.

For more information on the Detroit Works Project, click here.

Comments (6)
  1. Netuse4news says:

    So … the city want to turn to blackmail to make people move. BAD IDEA !!!!!! If you can’t bribe people to move … use bully tactics. Shut off their water, turn off the electricity . There are laws to stop LANDLORDS from doing that … but I guess the city is exempt these and apparently other laws. For those who live in those areas I hope they sue and WIN !!!!!!!!

  2. Christopher Lee says:

    I thiink it is a time when we have to be honest with what we can afford and not afford. The budget can only afford so much. Albeit the infrastructure is in place, the cost to maintain it more then what the city can afford. The opposit answer maybe found when the action of an emergency financial manager is in place and an affordable budget is found at the expense of the staff that does the work to maintain that infrastructure. Simply stated thet means the jobs that support that maintentaince agrees to pay and benefit cuts so that the cost can be affordable. If that cost reductions are sharred equally from the top down everyone could benefit benefit. Although past examples (Wall Street, GM , Ford Chrysler) prove that the one that can get everyone to agree to the reductions generally has been rewarded to negate the savings.

  3. Hryhoriy says:

    It’s about time Mayor Bing! At a minimum, Detroit must become a much smaller city to address it’s multitude of problems created by the liberal so-called ‘progressives’ led by obama. Now that Detroit has suffered a massive implosion, where are they now? Nowhere to be found….probably still trying to save whales in the Pacific… Until these morons are finally exterminated from our political system, we will have no hope for saving Detroit – or our nation,

  4. janjan says:

    Why is no one bringing up the 200 million dollars that the state owes Detroit? And how dare anyone suggest that having an emergency financial advisor is alright ofr Detroit or any other city. They are a travesty to democracy. This is not a communist state

  5. Hryhoriy says:

    Too funny!! The State of Michigan does not owe Detroit a single penny. Detroit’s voters entrusted incompetent and corrupt leaders to run our city for years and this is what it led to. Our schools do NOT need any more money either. Untill we revise our culture, giving any money to Detroit is like throwing it away. Corrupt liberal politicians are going to have to bite the bullet and figure out how to resolve this mess on their own. Then again, how ’bout the UAW and other unions donate millions out of their coffers to help the city of Detroit?…. Even obama admits that he’s finally ‘fed up’ with trying to help people that can’t help themselves. Remarkable…even that dummy is learning a few things about reality.

  6. A Michigan Resident says:

    Some causes for downsizing a decimated community:
    1. Collapse of Detroit automotive by outsider leadership who brought Ivy League credentials to town, got rich, squandered opportunity and then left, Big easy money gone.
    2. Segregation of the cultures still battling race and faith relations
    3. Increase in crime and violence
    4. Reduction of educated citizens despite university convenience
    5. Failure to work hard to maintain.

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