CHICAGO (WWJ) – A Michigan woman who escaped from prison in the 70’s and started a completely new life in California appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Thursday, to tell her story.

Marie Walsh, who changed her name from Susan LeFevre, was sent to prison for selling heroin to an undercover officer. She told Oprah that when she moved to California after her escape, she left “Susan” behind.

“This was a picture taken a few months after I escaped, as a reminder of a person I didn’t want to be.  This was a picture of Susan. I wanted to reinvent myself, I guess, and Marie was going to be someone who was a little stronger,” she said.

Walsh told Oprah she had a difficult time keeping a job for long — eventually caught using a phoney Social Security number and then having to leave.

In 2008, Walsh was discovered and sent back to prison. However, less than a year later, a parole board voted to free her. She’s now back in California with her husband and three children.

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  1. Tony says:

    After watching the Oprah interview,it was obvious to me that Ms. Walsh was not telling the truth. She sidestepped the issues as well or better than the most cunning politician out there. Her body language suggested shear deception and nervousness. The assertion of the arresting detectives testimony under oath during the trial should be taken at face value . If Ms. Walsh had not met “Mr. Right’ after her escape , and inherited the social status that her husband gave her, she would have been treated just as any other drug dealer who was recaptured after escape-finish out at least the minimum sentence plus the punishment for escape. As for her book and possible movie- she’s laughing all the way to the bank for the con job that she has pulled on the Michigan judicial system. Goes to show-money can buy just about anything and anybody. As for her putting her family in jeopardy for harboring a fugitive-they knew at some point before her recapture-shame on her. She doesn’t even feel guilty, just”bad”.

    1. A Michigan Resident says:

      I’m with you on this one Tony. I think the lady is pulling a con here and so far she’s been able to marry a wealthy guy, write a book and get on Oprah. That’s a lot of cash for not dealing drugs. A huckster is always creative, innovative and changes scams to hit big. And she’s blaming her prison break on Gramps!

      My problem is America is buying her con game. This country needs to get smarter. It also needs to stop entertaining the clever thief. Detroit knows how that can turn out in city politics and the auto industry.

  2. Michael Holland says:

    Ann Arbor’s loss was and is Del Mar’s gain. She was only a lawbreaker for a few years in Michigan. Here in San Diego County, we really know how to appreciate lying criminals. I’m waiting for her to run for Congress.

  3. Tony says:

    For real? Drugs kill, Dude. How would you feel if she had sold your wife, child, parents or someone you loved heroin and they overdosed and died? People make mistakes-everybody does- but when you break the law and are sentenced for the crime you committed , you are indebted to society to serve out at least the minimum sentence(truth in sentencing). This woman has been successful in manipulating the system and pulling the wool over many peoples’ eyes.God help us- the day has come when prisoners can escape JUSTICE and get rewarded for it. A book, possibly a movie? Really??????????

  4. A Utah Resident says:

    I just finished reading Marie’s book A Tale of Two Lives, and I am hopeful that all that Ms. Walsh went through will certainly open up the corruption that exists in our prison systems, especially in Michigan. I am quite sure it is only the tip of the ice berg. And as for her story, I am very glad that I saw it on Oprah (however, I thought Oprah was rude towards Marie), and I am still baffled why our justice system lets child molesters, murders, etc. go free and locks up the non-violent for such petty crimes. Thank you Marie for telling your story…you go girl; you have served your time and paid your debt to society.

    1. Twila says:

      I watched her on Oprah. She did not come across as believable. She did not serve her time and I don’t believe she has any remorse or has truly accepted responsibility for her actions. Her husband obviously knew, early on, about her criminal background. How could he interact with her parents, her siblings, and have no idea of her criminal past? If she truly has “compassion” for those behind bars who have done what she did or even far less, hopefully she’ll put her money, action, and energy where her mouth is and get active.

  5. jill vary says:

    Why do the the citizens of this country obsess over a 54 year old woman who may or may not have been involved in dealing drugs in the l970’s? All the while, Wall Street Wizards are enjoying being billionaires after scamming the country into a severe recession that has brought us to our knees. None of them have gone to jail. Why is that?

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