DETROIT (WWJ) – Two women were arrested this week on charges they provided more than just massages.

WWJ’s Rob Sanford said the arrests were the result of a sting operation in West Bloomfield.

It all started when the West Bloomfield Police received reports that a massage parlor was being run out of a home on Detroit Boulevard. That in itself isn’t necessarily a crime. However, it was claimed the two female masseuses were treating more than just tired and score muscles.

An undercover officer went to the business and found that the claims had some grounds.

Township police Lt. Tim Diamond told The Detroit News the women, who were operating without a license to provide massages, had been running the business for about five months.

“She said she started out giving normal massages but her clients wanted more and when they didn’t get it, they never came back. So she adjusted with other services,” Diamond said.

Placed under arrest on charges of prostitution were a 27-year-old West Bloomfield woman and a 20-year-old Farmington woman.

The Oakland Press reports the pair had placed ads for their “massages” on a website called

Comments (9)
  1. Regina Gargus says:

    As A REAL Ceritied Massage Therapist I am SO HAPPY that these women are getting busted! WAY TO GO PD!

    1. Nadricha Nichols says:

      WOW!!!! adjusted services are you serious, what a disgrace to honest hard word working women. If they convict her she should be treated like a sex offender!!!!

  2. Corry says:

    Just Legalize it and stop waisting our money.

  3. Alisa Pitt says:

    she has a son and like was going to happend to him is this real….

  4. Truthteller says:

    This is such a joke! I actually know the people involved in this and what the person above is saying is so far from the truth. Both girls received fines for massge with no license that’s all. When living in that area and giving a tip of course things are blown out if proportion. It’s actually quite petty and funny. Judge not lest ye be judges especially when no one knows the fact. Im praying for the girls because they’re actually great sweet girls that got attacked by jealousy. Oh well girls things happen be blessed!

  5. Truthteller says:

    @alisa Pitt kids weren’t involved in that at all. This was the story where the jealous crazy ex husband wouldn’t stop stalking some girls family. The ex husband is actually a rapist and known psycho smh. He got out if the military and went crazy. When the lawyers discovered the entire thing the actual “tip” came from him. Then he proceeded to email all of his friends and even the press. Thank god nothing happend to these girls he’s a real craze! Not to mentioned he owned The ultimate massage in Farmington hills that recently closed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did this to gain his own business and destroy a hard working persons life. Thank god he didn’t succeed!

  6. T says:

    Please stop sending us email. Nobody cares because your crazy. Lol

  7. Derrick says:

    I think a girl named April Ross worked there! As a matter if fact I knowshe did. I’m not surprised her brotherisin jail right now for rape! Her boss is fine too! PIMPIN her hoodrat self!

  8. HulpFult says:

    check chanel 2011 to your friends

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