LANSING (WWJ/AP) – The top Democrat in the Senate says the White House and Republicans have agreed on a spending cut of $38 billion. But things are still up in the air as to whether or not there will be a federal government shutdown.

Senator Debbie Stabenow said she can’t understand why a compromise can’t be reached.

“In my judgment, this whole thing is a distraction from what we need to be focused on — which is jobs,” Stebnow said.

“I think everybody in Mighigan is just scratching their head — what is going on here when we’re just barly turning the corner in the economy and families are still under water and their houses are under water, and all this is going on. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

Senator Stabenow says she will not take a paycheck if the federal government shuts downs.  She says she is encouraging her other elected politicians to do the same.

Meantime,  Gov. Rick Snyder said he expects Michigan’s state government would continue operating in a “fairly seamless” way if the federal government has a partial shutdown.

The Republican governor said Friday morning his administration wants more answers from the federal government about the shutdown and how it might affect states.

The federal government faces a midnight deadline to reach an agreement to avoid a shutdown, meaning the first consequences would come over the weekend.

National parks in Michigan would close if a shutdown happens. A library in Ann Arbor and museum in Grand Rapids named for former President Gerald R. Ford also would close.

Roughly 25 percent of Michigan’s state workers are supported by federal funds. More than 40 percent of the overall state government budget is supported by federal funds.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Comments (2)
  1. TaterSalad says:

    Can someone please tell all of us why the Democrats, who controlled two years of the GWB administration and have had control of both houses in Congress for the first two years of the Obama regime, why they did NOT pass a budget bu instead left it up to legislate NOW? Why? Was the healthcare more important for the first two years instead of jobs and the economy? Evidently! Democrats, you will pay for this mess in 2012 and thereafter! Why won’t the Democrats sign the “continueing resolutions” to pay the military if there is a government shut-down? Why? You only care about your party!

  2. Ergomama says:

    Because if they had passed a spend more and more budget like they wanted to, they would have had to answer for it in the ballot box in November, now, they can *try* to blame the Republicans who have had control of the house for 3.5 months.

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