Ferndale-based Livio Radio, creators of Internet radio devices and accessories, Monday released an Internet radio application for Android users.

Livio’s new Android App, previewed last month at the International Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association’s Wireless 2011 Mobile Life show in Orlando, sets the stage for users wishing to access Internet audio streams on the go, through a refined software interface installed on a compatible mobile device.

“The response from our iPhone app’s release was tremendous.” Livio Radio founder and CEO Jake Sigal said. “You asked for an Android version, and we heard ya loud and clear.”

Sigal is a serial electronics inventor — first coming up with the idea of a turntable that would turn vinyl records into .mp3 files with a minimum of high-tech fuss, then later basically inventing the Internet radio, a table radio with Wi-Fi that could wirelessly bring the listener upwards of 40,000 online audio streams, again with a minimum of fuss or complicated controls.

Now, Sigal said, “we’ve really shfited to focus on the car. People really love our radios, but the big move is into the auto.”

Livio Radio’s application for the Android offers refined user features and stability, song “tagging” capability, and improved proprietary in-vehicle audio playback technology. The app also features a sleep timer, and is compatible with tablet devices for use in the home or on the go.

With Internet radio car accessories in development, including the recently-announced Bluetooth Kit and factory car stereo solution with DICE Electronics, Sigal said the Livio Radio App would offer an attractive, inexpensive alternative to satellite radio when these products ship this summer.

Livio is also working on a car kit to make the Grooveshark app available on the car, which allows on-demand access to just about every recorded song in history in the car.

“It’s Internet radio, your music, a charger, and hands-free calling, all built into the vehicle,” Sigal said.

Sigal also said the company is working on a middleware product called Livio Connect API, a command and control protocol. Originally built for internal purposes, it’s now being offered to hardware companies to use as a standard for communicating with vehicles.

Sigal also said his company is building an “officials software lab,” hiring interns from Michigan schools such as Lawrence Technological University and Michigan Technological University.

“Car Internet radio is what’s happening in 2011, and Livio Radio is going to be the company that ensures an alternative to satellite for all mobile users,” Sigal said. “It means more music and less work for iPhone and Android users.”

Founded in 2008, Livio Radio has already developed a list of successful Internet radio products through ongoing relationships with Pandora, Grooveshark and NPR. The company remains committed to providing sleek and sophisticated radios and accessories for users who want quality without gimmicks, hassles, and unnecessary bells and whistles. More information is available at www.livioradio.com.

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