Bridge Owners: Major Decline In Truck Traffic

DETROIT (WWJ) – More fuel for the debate on whether we really need a second bridge over the Detroit River:

The owners of the Ambassador Bridge say truck traffic so far this year is at its second-worst total of the last 11 years, and is down 41% over that same time frame.

The information comes from the Detroit International Bridge Company, which is trying to halt efforts to build a government-funded second span over the Detroit River.

 Truck traffic through March is down one percent from the same period last year, although car traffic at the bridge rose six percent.

  • mdh


    If you are so concerned for the plight of the taxpayer why don’t you concern yourself with all the money the taxpayer pays to run the Ambassador Bridge 100 million per year. That number came right out of morouns mouth. That guy cries poor and we just gave him 230 million for a driveway to his bridge (gateway Project). Where was this group when this guy payed our reps to spend that money. Special interest I am pretty sure whos interest they are looking out for and it is not the taxpayer. No matter how much our politicians give this guy he still cries. Cut off the taxpayer money Tell him to put his big boy pants on and pay his way. I am certain that 100 million could be spent on social security or any other program we the taxpayers paid for that is now in trouble since our money is siphoned off by every special interest group that can afford to pay off our politicians

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