Ways to improve Rutgers image after having Snooki speak at commencements.

From Steve in the D… Jim Tressel knows how to help improve Rutgers image but it’ll take him 9 months to tell them how
ways to improve Rutgers image, make Joe Maurer the mascot. -from Rod Allen.– Dutch
How to improve Rutgers image…I hear Charlie Sheen puts on a great show maybe they can get him to speak next time. Scott in Berkley
How to improve Rutgers image? Rename the school Mark Champion University and change their mascot to the Giant Clams. -mike from ann arbor
How to improve rutgers reputation. . Bestow an honorary degree in herbology on Snoop Dogg – Cory
Improve Rutger’s reputation? Get out of new jersey.
A way the Rutgers can improve their image: Add “Fudd” in front of their name. – Joe, Whitmore Lake
Ways for Rutgers to improve their image after Snooki? Whatever it is, it better involve some antibiotics. Usually the students give the speaker and ovation, but instead it was Snooki who gave everyone else the clap. -Amado-
Jason — Rutgers has to get bigger on the blue line. That is the key to success.
Rutgers can improve their image by having Snooki’s boss Willy Wonka to come and speak. To make it more exclusive, only those with Golden Tickets get in. –Carl
For their next presentation, be the first college to combine their athletic and science departments and have Sam Cassell come to speak about interplanetary space travel and its effect on 3 pointers. ~Mike from Mars


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