NORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP (WWJ) – Northville Township is seeing an increase in daytime home invasions.

While police officials say, at this time, they haven’t been able to identify a pattern, the items usually taken are jewelry and other small non-descript items of value.

To help homeowners protect themselves, police have issued an advisory to residents. They’re asking people to be “particularly vigilant” and to “make a concerted effort to be aware of what is occurring in their neighborhoods.” Among their advice to residents is to be observant of such things as:

• A person you have never seen before.
• A person (young or old, male or female) selling candy, newspapers or soliciting for contributions at your door.
• A repair or delivery person at your door or that of your neighbor.
• A person entering or loitering around.
• A person sitting in a parked vehicle in parking lots or on neighborhood streets.

Anyone who is in doubt about a situation is being advised to call the Northville Police Department at 248-349-9400.


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