Fraser-based AIM Computer Solutions Inc. has relased a new product called RapidTrak. 

RapidTrak is an advanced rapid deployment warehousing and tracking software system enabled via barcode Automated Identification Technology and Radio Frequency Technology. 

RapidTrak is designed to implement a flexible and easy to use material location system for multiple uses in a manufacturing or warehousing environment.

“The design and development of RapidTrak was driven by our automotive supplier customer base,” said Jerry Czernel, vice president of operations at AIM. “Our automotive customers needed a mobile, easily deployable and cost effective material location software tool, and they provided direct and indirect input into its design. Our customers’ message was clear — they didn’t want to spend in excess of $20,000 for a warehouse management system, but they still needed to track MRO material, dies, molds and assets in and outside of their plant.”

Implementation of RapidTrak can be measured in hours compared to weeks or sometimes months with traditional warehouse management systems. Commands are simple; add to that both the convenience of being Web-based and a variety of user alert options, and a small investment in a wireless tracking system like RapidTrak can pay big dividends in error-free material tracking.

“Initial field tests have shown a strong interest in RapidTrak functionality from areas outside of our traditional automotive supplier base, a very exciting product with applications we are still discovering,” Czernel said.

For more information, call Czernel at (586) 202-1677 or email Visit for more product information.

AIM’s ERP software offering tailored to the small to medium sized repetitive manufacturers with a focus on automotive suppliers, AIM Vision,  provides a single source for automotive EDI integration into production scheduling complete with demand smoothing to accommodate work schedules, and lean manufacturing and supply chain management.  Other capabilities include outside processing, multiple level lot control, In Line Vehicle Sequencing, and Release Accounting.

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