Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 4-13-11

Ways to tell hockey is big in Phoenix…
10. Old people start checking each other during shuffleboard games Ken in Flint
9. Hockey in Phoenix…Doug and Wolf are teaming up with Geritol and Depends to give away tickets to the Senior that can spell Bryzgalov. Keith/Milford.
8. Hockey is big in phoenix? Half of the tickets are sold to people who just want to be next to a giant slab of ice…it’s hot as hell outside. Scott in Berkley
7. FROM: Deuce… Ways to know hockey’s a big deal in Phoenix: they put a Coyotes jersey on the big, green Spirit of Phoenix cactus in downtown Phoenix
6. How can you tell hockey is a big deal in phoenix? Right now people are hugging a cactus to try to win tickets to game 3. Bill in Southgate
5. from chuck in a van. Ways to tell hockey is big in phoenix? Jack in the box is giving extra ice in all combo meals.
4. U knows hockey is big in Phoenix. 1st home goal – Gila Monsters tossed all over the ice. -Jim St. Clair Shores.
3. How to tell Phoenix is geared up for hockey? They are exaulting in their status as part of the original 26.
2. Ways to know hockey is a big deal in Phoenix? Brenda Warner was seen in Scottsdale getting an octopus carved in to her buzz cut.
1. Ways to know hockey’s a big deal in Phoenix: the mayor of Phoenix is already writing his ”the Metamucil is on me” speech for the parade


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