DETROIT (WWJ) – Planning to pack heat with fellow gun rights advocates at a local restaurant? WWJ’s Paul Snider reports the venue for the event has been changed.

The “open carry dinner” is being moved due to publicity surrounding the controversial event.

Event organizer and firearms instructor Rick Ector wrote on his blog, “Legally Armed In Detroit,” that the dinner was originally slated to take place at the Big Boy on East Jefferson, near the Belle Isle Bridge.

However, Ector said the owner of the restaurant had second thoughts about hosting the event, which calls for people to wear holstered weapons in plain sight.

The event will now be taking place at the BluePointe Restaurant (17131 E. Warren Ave.) on Detroit’s east side. Same date, April 21, same time, 6 pm.

Ector is urging dozens of like-minded gun enthusiasts to join his group and wear holstered weapons in plain sight to raise awareness about gun laws in Michigan.

Comments (4)
  1. Gerry Flood says:

    A gathering of little boys and their toys!

  2. LITTLE BOY says:


  3. ggf1938 says:

    ‘Or worse’? maybe the food. Grow up

  4. Hryhoriy says:

    The ONLY time liberals cry out like little babies for serious police protection against criminals is when THEY”RE under attack. Liberals – the only hippocrites left on our planet.

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