MADISON HEIGHTS (WWJ) –  The parents of a toddler who accidentally got drunk at an area chain restaurant are going to court.

Taylor Dill-Reese and Dominic Wilson have filed suit in Oakland County Circuit Court, saying their 15 month-old son, Dominic, Jr, was accidentally served a margarita mix at the Applebee’s on 14 Mile in Madison Heights last week.

Both parents are under 21-years-old and neither ordered an alcoholic beverage at dinner. The couple ordered apple juice for their son.

Kansas-based Applebee’s has apologized and vows to retrain workers. But the company wants to know why Dominic registered two different blood-alcohol levels.

A Madison Heights Police field test registered .14, while doctors later put the level at .10. Both are considered legally drunk in Michigan.

The lawsuit says the child was ill for days but has recovered. His parents are seeking monetary damages for emotional distress and medical bills.

Applebee’s says it has changed its procedure by switching to apple juice only from single-serve containers served at patrons’ tables.

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Comments (7)
  1. dcxdan says:

    I have not been to Applebee’s in years. I had a problems with customer support, and talked with the manager. That was a totral waste of time – he should have went back to training, or better yet fired.

  2. kathy lasalle says:

    My question is…how did the parents not know..I am pretty sure a margarita looks different than apple juice and if I had taken my toddler in and ordered apple juice and what the waitress brought did not look like apple juice, I think I would have at least smelled it then called the waitress over…problem solved.

    1. Sally says:

      You don’t know that the drink was not poured at the drink center into the sippy cup and brought to the table that way. Sippy cups are generally colored and sometimes with character drawings on them so you are not able to see clearly what the juice looks like. Please do not be so judgmental of others. You may have done it perfectly if you were in their place, but then we are all not you and some of us are human and prone to minor errors. It is best to give someone else the benefit of the doubt unless you were actually there. Having said that a good rule of thumb for parents is to always taste the drink being served to young children in a restaurant unless it comes in a sealed milk carton or juice box.

  3. Chip Chop says:

    Or maybe the parents did know – and/or did it on purpoIse to sue for $$$. After I read about a woman driving off a pier with her kids, I can believe anything…

  4. Terry says:

    it was the parents…come on man

  5. just me says:

    I am tired of people trying to get free money. It was a mistake let it go!

  6. Valerie Cowden says:

    That is more than a mistake apparently you do not have children, if it would of been me I would of been in jail for killing a server. It is hard to tell what is in a kid’s cup since they are normally printed and covered. I have been a server and a bartender and can not believe the carelessness of these actions.

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