DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s a long time tradition in Detroit during the Stanley Cup playoffs, throwing an octopus on the ice. But, getting caught in the act could prove to be expensive for a Canton man.

For many die-hard Red Wings fans, it wouldn’t be a real Stanley Cup playoff game in Detroit if someone didn’t throw an octopus on the ice.

But, according to, a man identified as Tommy B. from Canton was ticketed and then escorted out of the Joe Louis Arena after throwing one on Wednesday night.

The fan said he had no problem sneaking it into the game, and threw it after the Wings scored their first goal against Phoenix.

Tommy B. also points out the one he threw came after at least five others had been thrown earlier.

Nevertheless, Tommy B. reportedly faces a fine of $500 and a date in court.

A copy of Tommy B.’s ticket posted on the website, says his offense was, “Throw object which could cause injury onto the playing area of athletic contest. Above subject did throw an octopus onto the playing surface of a hockey game.”

According to the website, once Tommy B. was removed from the arena, he asked the police officers why they were laughing, to which they replied NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman started a rule that fans could be fined for throwing octopi at The Joe.

If Tommy B.’s claims are true, it would not be that surprising to Wings fans. A few seasons ago, the NHL initiated a rule banning anyone from twirling octopi over their heads while removing it from the ice surface, al la Al Sobotka.

Whatever the case, it seems nearly impossible to think of Red Wings playoff hockey without the image of flying octopi coming to mind.

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