TROY (WWJ) – A grassroots effort to persuade Michigan lawmakers to “Amend But Don’t End” the Michigan Film Tax Incentives is undertaking a 12 hour telethon beginning 11 am Sunday, April 17 via live webcast.

The even is being held to raise $46,000 to purchase statewide ads featuring “Real People in Reel Jobs” whose lives will be devastated by the loss of the film industry.
Royal Oak native and former congressional candidate Nancy Skinner, and her team at Nextwave Media Studios in Troy, conceived the idea as the grand finale to raise the funds using an fundraising website called This is the same site that raised $60,000 for a Robocop statue in less than a week.
Skinner was contacted by those folks to do the same to help raise the funds for a statewide ad campaign. According to Skinner, “It’s an all-or-nothing deal,” which means that if the group reaches the $46,000 in pledges, the contributions will be charged to the credit cards. If not, the group gets nothing.
Two high-profile matches of $2500 each were already made by Gilbert Films and Exxodus Pictures.  The ads will air on Comcast and WOW.
The “Webathon” will feature real Michiganders who have reinvented themselves in the film industry and fear they will have to leave the state if the credits are capped or abolished.    
The group has raised $10,500 so far at their Kickstarter site.
Skinner said its important for state lawmakers to hear the stories of real people and the widespread destruction that is already occurring because of the incentive uncertainty.

If you are interested in contributing to their cause, you can visit their Facebook page or website. To participate during the 12-hour “Webathon,” click here.

For more information, contact Sharon Baseman at 248-892-6775 or Nancy Skinner at 312-636-8044.


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