DETROIT (WWJ) – Economic analysts believe things are falling into place on the jobs front here in Michigan.

George Erickcek, senior analyst at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, a Kalamazoo economic think tank, said thousands of jobs were created last year.

“We’ve seen an increase in jobs statewide, about 71,000 jobs have been created. Not only that, but the University of Michigan, who I trust have good forecasters for the state, show that we’re expected to have growth in 2011 and ’12,” Erickccek said.

While Michigan should embrace a “diversified” economy, Erickccek points out that most new jobs are still directly related to the auto industry recovery.

“What we’re seeing, is because of car sales starting to increase, that many of the jobs that we’re seeing are in the manufacturing sector and more importantly, related to autos,” Erickccek said.

According to forecasts from U-of-M economists, Michigan is expected to see an increase in job growth well into 2012.


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