3-D Experiential Training Co. has dedicated its new headquarters in Pontiac, as the company continues to gain momentum with its immersive 3-D video technology for training.

More than 60 people attended the opening including Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson who joined 3-D ETC President Dave Hodgson and Chairman and CEO Richard P. Kughn for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Patterson called the opening “a clear indication of the knowledge and talent in Oakland County and the potential it represents for the future of our region and our state.”

Also attending were Oakland County Commissioners John Scott and David Potts, who presented Kughn with a proclamation from Commissioner Michael J. Gingell, applauding Kughn for his continued vision to invest and partner in the economic development of Oakland County and for his contributions to reinvigorate the Centerpoint Corridor.

Hodgson co-founded the company in 2005 to raise the level of effectiveness of training.

“My experience in organizational training taught me that traditional methods often lack impact and therefore do not bring the expected results,” Hodgson said. “3-D technology makes a real difference in training effectiveness. It’s compelling, life-like, and memorable. It takes subjects that are sometimes routine or taken for granted by employees and makes them more interesting and exciting. 3-D has such an impact on people that the experience stays with them for a long time.”

With the recent addition of safety training programs for NASA’s Aircraft Operations Division, the Pentagon, the U.S. Department of Defense and several healthcare institutions, including Beaumont-Troy, 3-D ETC has now trained more than 40,000 people in commercial, industrial and government organizations.

“3-D has great technology,” said Ken Rogers, CEO of Automation Alley. “They are a great example of technology breaking loose in the region and finding its way throughout the country and around the world.”

3-D immersion technology offers several unique features such as stereo imagery which puts the participant in the middle of the action and binaural sound which creates hyper-real audio fidelity. The net effect is to engage the senses and create the space for long-term retention of the information — something that is sorely missed in most of today’s traditional training programs.

Companies interested in individualized demonstrations of 3-D ETC training programs can contact Donald Silberstein at dsilberstein@3-detc.com or call (248) 594-4620.

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