LANSING (WWJ) – Fire Rick Snyder. That’s what one group is attempting to do. Tim Kramer of “Michigan Citizens United” says group members want to recall the Governor for a slew of reasons:

“We disagree with his EFM law,” Kramer told WWJ Newsradio 950. “We don’t like the fact that he’s raising taxes on the middle and poor people and giving the big corporations the tax break. We don’t like the fact that he removed the Michigan film incentive. I know the state paid out money, but they were receiving more money than they were paying out.”

Kramer says they are looking for 1.1 million signatures on their “Fire Rick Snyder” petition. “We’ve got about 12,000 on our Facebook page. We’ve got about 8,000 on our main website, plus word of mouth is traveling fast.”

Kramer says Governor Snyder is trying to run a dictatorship by stripping away elected officials’ powers.

The Michigan Republican Party says the recall effort is largely the work of teacher’s unions in the state.

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  1. TJ says:

    Hey, bring back Jenny. Then you can all smile and pretend everything is ok.

    The State has very limited financial resources and a budget that exceeds the heck out of it. At lest the gov is trying to do something about it. It seems there are a lot of PO’d folks out there which would indicate that everyone is sharing in the plan.

    Instead of just saying “NO” to every proposal put forth, offer up some credible solutions. Until someone comes up with some sort of plan other than “take more taxes from someone other than me”, I will support the current governor.

    1. Ryan Sutton says:

      Here’s a solution. Tax the people that HAVE money, provide for the social betterment of Michigan’s citizens, and invest in our children. Since Snyder’s policies are all completely OPPOSITE to this, I’m supporting REMOVING him and replacing him with somebody that WILL provide for the people of Michigan. The purpose of our government is to work for us, not the corporations.

    2. Pam Messingham says:

      Please know this isn’t a slam to your beliefs, do some real research on what is going on, besides watching Fox news…then make a real decision. You will see that this is Anti American…then we will let you in to join our forces. Only real knowledge will free the ignorant.

    3. Michael Stephen Bryant says:

      (Reply to TJ)-How does increasing taxes on 98% of the people and giving the same amount of money to the 2% richest company owners do anything to help the “budget”?
      Instead of saying “No” to a movie industry that’s grown 200% in two years.What was the governors “solution” to replacing those 6000 jobs?
      That’s exactly what these groups are doing is proposing solutions.It’s the governor who has no plan to create jobs,do anything about the budget,or education.He just wants to take more money away and give it to the richest people in the state.He can now take your property away from you just because he wants to.He can eliminate your whole local government and all the officials you voted for.Snyder thinks he’s Michigan’s new dictator.What’s next? Maybe the National government can use this same law to come in and get rid of the 6 new republican governors from,Michigan,Wisconsin,etc that have people in an uproar.
      NO company will move here because of the business flat tax he’s talking about.Because he’s already shown the entire country that Michigan will invite a new business here,and after they’ve spent money investing,eliminate the industry from the state.
      He ran on a platform of being the guy who was for jobs.So far he’s created only one job and that’s emergency manager of Benton Harbor so they can take away waterfront property so people can play golf there if they can afford the $5000 it costs to be a member.
      This governor is dangerous.150 years ago this country was in a very silmilar situation.Instead of North vs, South,The next time it will be rich vs.poor.The job I had since 1994 was eliminated the day he made his budget proposal.
      (When I hear this group has 12,000 members on one site and 8000 on another.I’m thinking that’s a battalion.)

    4. kr says:

      how about no tax cuts for business? $187,000,000? Really?

  2. Anthony Longoverde says:

    The Governors’ “Secret Agenda ” of taxing pensions has backfired on him he hurt many people who are retired and on fixed incomes. He has overreached and shall be held accountable along with the senators and congressman in Lansing who are going along with his tax shifting program. If he would of been honest and forthcoming about his plans during his campaign and then won the election so be it but he did not reveal his devious secret agenda until after he was in office. I WILL SUPPORT HIS RECALL! WHERE DO I SIGN!

  3. Ross Emerton says:

    I love the “blame Jenny” approach for everything.Personally, I think it is designed to deflect from the “Drive us into the hole” approach taken by John Engler which Jenny could not get us out of.

  4. Brian says:

    How does robbing the poor and middle class and giving to the rich solve the budget problem? If it’s another attempt to try supply-side economics, that is about as successful as Communism. If you give more money to the rich they will not start creating jobs, that is a myth.

  5. Lora in Michigan says:

    This is a grass roots organization that include all walks of life and we are a bipartisan group.. The MEA may support but they are in no way responsible for the creation of this PAC.. Say what you will!! This is all citizens of Michigan!!

    1. Dayooper says:

      This yooper and all yoopers know this man is out to destroy the UP as we know it. That is why he HAD to appoint and OUTSIDER to represent the UP.

  6. Laura Finney says:

    Let Rick Snyder think what he wants. But as a member of MCU I can tell to you, we are a group of everyday citizens that are tired of being beat down and traded on. No “formal” union or organization has railed US into this. Only Mr. Snyder himself. He has oppressed the people of this state and we are not standing for it!!. Our group is made up from citizen in all walks a life and from the spectral of the sectors. So we may have people that are union, but they are not the fuel to this movement. Rick Snyder’s unwillingness to have compassion and humanity is.

  7. Lora in Michigan says:

    I agree with you completely, Laura. I know that had he laid his cards on the table he would not have been elected. He has done this to himself, but the sad part about it is that he does not care about how anyone feels. He is just a Corporate puppet. The reason he is pushing his agenda through so fast is cause he has no intentions on seeking a second term, and he does not care who he take down with him.

  8. Lori P. says:

    EMF”s are a prime example of taxation without representation, plain and simple!!!! There aren’t any checks and balances. They answer to noone. Not only will I be signing, I’ll be taking petitions around my town.

  9. Cheryl Botbyl says:

    Mr. Snyder…I’m not a teacher, nor are there any teachers in my family. You through your actions have brought this upon yourself and those that support you. You have either mis-judged what you were put in office to do or you just plain don’t care.

    Giving tax cuts to business and shifting the burden to the poor and the elderly is just plain wrong. Not caring about the education of our children is wrong and making teachers look like gold diggers is also wrong. Teachers educate our children, our children are our future. People who complain about what teachers get should have went to college and became teachers themselves…since they seem to think being a teacher is so lucrative.

  10. Mikey says:

    The Confiscatory Tax on Pensions is nothing more then a Redistribution of Wealth. Take from those who are retired and give to the businesses. Those blatant attacks on Grandma and Grandpa will be the impetus to flee the state for friendlier confines and as the old saying on Wall Street goes, Money gravitates to where it is treated nicely. Hence, I will spend my pension elsewhere and leave Snyder and the state of Michigan to their own demise.

  11. Pam in Michigan says:

    I am a member of the Michigan Citizens United. I am not a teacher nor a member of a union. This is a grassroots effort and it’s really scary how the Michigan Republican Party is trying to spin this. It’s all smoke and mirrors people. I echo the sentiment of Laura Finney: It is Rick Snyder’s unwillingness to have compassion and humanity” that is fueling this. I will NOT have my rights taken away either. And why Benton Harbor? Why were they picked first? Follow the money. Check out this to find out more

    1. Rhonda Carr says:

      me too and i am not a union member, not a teacher (but i support our teachers!! Would also add that this is not a MEA effort and is truely a grassroots movement involving people from all walks of life, i am truely proud to be a michigan citizen, to see people united and realize that we are not all that different and can work together for a common goal!! United

  12. Melanie says:

    All Michiganders with common sense are behind it! Everyone is welcome to join our efforts and volunteer to circulate petitions. Make sure you are registered to vote if you want to sign a petition! We need 800,000 registered voters signatures on paper. Each county will have a petition available to sign which is why we need volunteers to circulate the petition around their county. Anyone who will stand up and fight for FREEDOM and refuse to stand for this dictatorship will join our efforts. Regardless of the outcome we’ll know that we stood up & spoke up about what we know in our hearts is right & feel honored to be part of a group that defends the American dream.

  13. Laura Finney says:

    What truly IS SAD This Fourth of July 2011, Independence Day of OUR NATION >>>Instead of celebrating and HONORING the great Patriots, service-members and mitigation men that formed this COUNTRY AND STATE I will be out GATHERING RECALL SIGNATURES for Rick Snyder instead of being PROUD of having Freedom and SECURITY WE have to continue TO FIGHT FOR IT!!!! OVER 200 years later!! Rick Snyder has it in his heart and head he can UNDO MILLIONS of peoples voices with one swoop of his pen!! Well we are STANDING FIRM AGAINST HIM!!!

    1. Laura Finney says:

      militia men was the word i wanted to use….spell check

  14. ray troutt says:


  15. TaterSalad says:

    Sounds like this Rick Kramer guy is getting a little nervous because Snyder must be htting close to home on this guys “entitlements”. Any recall will go no where. Snyder is just trying to do his job in an economy that went south under GWB’s spending and three times worse under the Predient sociialist in power. Kramer must have the backing of the Unions and the 45% of Americans who DON’t pay any taxes and then bit– that the rich should pay even more! Pathetic!

    1. Pam in Michigan says:

      As a member of the Michigan Citizens United I can say to you, TaterSalad, that my husband & I do pay quite a bit in the tax department. It’s easy to make accusations. How’s about doing some fact checking first. Have a pleasant day.

  16. gutt twist says:

    this Snyder is a complete NUT Case! How do you in your right mind get rid of jobs (the film industry). I have looked up much of what he wants to do and I can only say this dude is anti-american! anti-michigan! and a couple of curse words that might get X’d out!

  17. Crossfire4fun says:

    How is this news? 20,000 signatures is 0.002% of MI’s population and laughably short of their 1.1 million signature goal.

    1. PaminMichigan says:

      Don’t underestimate us. I know a whole lotta folk who are not part of Michigan Citizens United who are itching to sign petitions. Cannot wait to start circulating them. So folk, make sure you are registered to vote! If you aren’t sure check now. go to and volunteer!

  18. Tim Kramer says:

    And I even forgot to mention the school budget cut backs. Remember in the 80’s when everyone made fun of Kentucky because of their Education system? Snyder is trying to make Michigan “Michitucky”

  19. Leonard Soboleski says:

    Why is it that the republicans have a vendetta against the teachers of Michigan? They can,t strike or they’ll be fined and lose their teaching certification! What other union is restricted from exercising their rights?
    Now they want to do away with the Unions by eliminating collective bargaining, then we’ll be right back to before Hoffa with the Ford and school districts clubbing union people because they work for “the MAN” I say we all shut down and file a lawsuit to restore order andf get rid of the greedy neamatodes in Lansing NOW!

  20. Angel says:

    I said it long before any one wanted to believe it. This synder fellow is not concerned about people in Michigan, he wants to see how much damage he can do before people take the covers off their eyes, by then he knows anything he signs into law will be almost impossible to remove. This pretense of a nerd was to win over unsuspecting Repubs. who thought they had some body on their side. Little did they know they were in his line of high power fire too. Hes trying to sign as much stuff acroos his desk as he can. Including cutting education at a time when it is crucial. He cares nothing about children learning in well planned classrooms, what he want to see is chaois in the schools again and despare. He is the type who has said ‘I have mine try to get yours if you can”. His two words “best practice” fits right up there with hitlers two words “final solution” .We cant get rid of him too soon.

  21. Miguel Garcia says:

    And people complain that Obama is running a socialist government…Obama makes Snyder look like Kim Jong. His actions are unconstitutional, unethical and morally in question. Recall, where do I sign?

  22. JACK says:

    Down with the USURPER !!

  23. Dan says:

    Can someone please post the link to the Recall Petition. I would like to sign the petition and I know a dozen more people who also want to sign it.


  24. Daniel McGillis says:

    Please post a link to the recall petitioin.

  25. Tim Kramer says:

    @ Dan and Daniel the petition language still has to be approved by the State. The hearing is set for 4-29-2011

  26. Melissa and Ila says:

    Where do we sign

  27. jack says:

    I wanna sign right now!!

  28. lgr2000 says:

    Yes, Where Do I Sign.

  29. John Pappas says:

    When ever there is war it is the failer of polititions. When the situation is bad for the people it is the failer of polititions. Maby the people of Michigan are just sick of paying for their failer . I think its time to hit back and recall this guy. How can he insult the people of Michigan by his saying that he is going to work for one doller a year when he has millions. How could he say something so stupid. He is just another rich guy that needs to go. He wants to tax pentions lolololo why doesnt he go bring some jobs back to Michigan and put the people to work and I dont mean McDonalds.

  30. Jack says:

    Hey John !! he is an IDIOT!! he doesn’t care about hard working people , He doesn’t have to worry about his family not eating, or losing their home. He is another republican bozo that is trying to destroy what hard working people have earned.

  31. Mikey says:

    On Saturday, April 30, Snyder will be giving a speech at the U of M commencement exercises. My thought, Let’s set up shop outside and collect signatures to recall the BUM!

  32. Vicki says:

    I live about 50 miles north of Lansing, lots of people up here would love to sign the petition to get rid of snyder. When will it be ready and will it be brought to this area so that up-north people can participate?

  33. Manda says:

    YES lets get rid if him a.s.a.p.

  34. Judith McKenzie says:

    I’ ive in Roseville. Where can I get the petiionto to sign?

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