Karsch And Anderson Top Ten 4-19-11

Things scarier than the Phoenix Coyotes…
10. Wile E Coyote is scarier than the Phoenix Coyotes. Jay Ray
9. Things scarier…the fire that burns inside of Rodney Stuckey…Cory from Shelby
8. Scarier than the phoenix coyotes? Bryant Johnson running a fade route-Dan in Shelby
7. Things scarier than the Phoenix Coyotes, All the rides at Camp Snoopy in Cedar Point- definitely scarier than the Coyotes!! Scott @ work.
6. Claude Lemieux doing the turtle. Jacob Macomb
5. What’s scarier than Phoenix? None other than amelio estevez and the mighty ducks! Ameeeellllliiioooo. Andrew in AP.
4. Things scarier than the coyotes….whiffle ball
3. Things scarier than the coyotes? Charlie v on defense. Joe in Livonia.
2. Brian Villereal’s Dora the Explorer backpack is scarier than the Coyotes. AJ
1. Mr. Potato Head when he puts on his angry eyes. Pete in Whitmore Lk


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