DEARBORN (WWJ) – Efforts to keep the pastor who has made world headlines by burning the Koran from rallying outside of Dearborn’s Islamic Center this week are making coast-to-coast news.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is hoping to convince Pastor Terry Jones to stay away from Dearborn in order to keep the peace. They’re taking a rare legal action to stem what they see as the potential for violence, as a result of the protest. They’re trying to convince Jones that his life and those of others would be in danger.

The protest by Jones would take place Good Friday outside of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, which is in the same immediate area as several Christian churches. Officials are worried this would pose an enormous problem for church-goers arriving for — or leaving from — Good Friday services.

An anti-sharia group out of Marlette, whose original plan to protest drew Jones’ attention, has since opted out.

Jones has a date to appear before a Dearborn District Court judge Thursday on the eve of his protest.

WWJ will continue to follow this story and will have more details as they become available.

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  1. CLTII says:

    This is America if Mr. Jones wants to display his feelings it is his right to do so according to the law. Why are people so scared to offend the Islamic faith. Why are they trying to build a temple near Ground Zero in New York? People do not mind offening Christians

  2. Sally says:

    Isn’t this censorship to prohibit a person from traveling? Or has Mr. Jones announced plans to actively promote violence while here and that give authorities the right to shut him down? Does he need a demonstration permit? The article states that the lives of Mr Jones and others would be in danger and Christian churchgoers arriving and leaving Good Friday services would have a problem. I would like to have seen more facts in this story especially what is the “rare legal action” the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office plans to take-arrest Mr. Jones for what he might do? Can a prosecutor arrest anyone? Is there going to be mob rule in that courtroom? Mr. Jones is appearing to stage a demonstration much like what Jesus went through during his arrest and kangaroo trial. Is this what he is trying to do-make his actions like Jesus. Jesus says love your enemy do not hate him. I do not agree with the past actions of Mr. Jones. IBut if he has a valid demonstration permit-parade permit-whatever is required-let him assemble and peace officers should be on hand to keep the peace not shut down a legitimate protest before it can get started. If Mr. Jones does not have the proper gathering permits that’s a different story. What charges does he have to answer to before a Dearborn District Court judge? More details please if they are available or press the authorities for them so the people (me) will know.

  3. liberty says:

    There’s nothing to see here Christians, please move along….

  4. Clay Campbell says:

    If somebody wants to burn a Bible – more power to you. If somebody wants to burn my Bible – you owe me about $85.00. It’s not the paper; it’s the words inside. They are not burnable. Call me we’ll have a coffee and talk about the words.
    If someone gets upset with somebody for burning a Bible or Koran to the point where there is the threat of physical retaliation: Or, where leaders and ministers and followers of that book are not standing up and saying “Please my fellow followers it is only a book”: Or, where roomers of retaliation are aloud to spread and manifest. Then there should be someone to stand up and say “ See – This is not right. This is not proper. This is not the way for a people to be.”
    Martin Luther King stood up made and something come to the light so we all could see. It was not pleasant to look at but it needed to be dealt with. He was not a violent man nor did he advocate violence. There was violence however. There was something that was growing in our nation that had to be rooted out. It was painful. There was so much passion surrounding it that people did fight aggressively for it- and even died. And we are a much better people for it.
    I don’t see Mr. Jones advocating violence, I here him saying “ The response to my infraction upon this entity is not right, it is not proper, this is not the way for a people to be.” Let’s be sure of the mindsets, before we bestow equality and provisions. Lets let these things manifest, bring it to the light see how deep the waters run. Not everything has to line up with the Christian faith but it does have to operate in a way that is established and embraced as proper. Ideologies are going to get a lot more impassioned and conflicts more intense as time goes on. Lets let this one be and see how we behave.

  5. Jille says:

    Whether or not Pastor Jones advocated it, 11 people died as a direct cause from his previous burning of the q’ran. To continue to do so, is murder. None of the peace-loving Muslims I have met are capable of murder. America’s government has done some pretty awful things to the Muslim world over a very long period of time but American Exceptionalism has kept American people blind to it all. The Muslims in this country did not retaliate and we have no place demanding foreign Muslims react as we say they should to disrespectful public acts to their religion at the same time photos from “The Kill Team” are released worldwide.

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