Bill’s Blog: Charlie Sheen Loses Custody Battle

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller appeared in court today to determine who would get custody of their two sons. There have been allegations lately that his ex was also abusing drugs (lucky kids, huh). Well DB Charlie took this court appearance very seriously. So much so that he arrived at court with one of his “goddesses” in a Rolls Royce. First of all, can we stop calling them goddesses? They are PORN STARS, plain and simple…So who’s going to be the “better” parent?

Sheen and Mueller spent about two hours in a closed-door Los Angeles court hearing on who was best suited to care for two year-old boys, Max and Bob.
But the judge in the case ruled that the custody order should remain unchanged, leaving Mueller as the primary caregiver for the boys, TMZ reported.

Is anyone surprised by this? He’s a fool, a drug abuser, a delusional tool and a loser. Could everyone please stop worshiping this knob just because he’s a celebrity. He’s lost his job, he’s lost his kids and he lost his dignity long ago. Charlie, stop fooling yourself, you’re not “WINNING”


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