The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit will be conducting free oral, head and neck cancer screenings on Friday, May 13, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., in conjunction with National Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week May 8-14.

This is the second year Karmanos is offering the free screening.

Some of the symptoms of oral cancer go unnoticed. A simple 10-minute screening exam can help determine if there is a problem that needs further follow-up which could help detect any of the oral, head and neck cancers in their earliest stages.

Warning signs of oral cancers include:
* Sore throat that does not subside
* Red or white patches in the mouth that last more than two weeks
* Change in voice or hoarseness that lasts more than two weeks
* Pain or swelling in the mouth or neck that does not subside
* Lump in the neck
* Ear pain
* Difficulty speaking or swallowing
* Difficulty breathing

Risk factors that greatly increase the risk of head and neck cancer are use of tobacco products and frequent and heavy consumption of alcohol.

According to the American Cancer Society, there were more than 49,200 Americans who were diagnosed with cancers of the head and neck last year alone and approximately 11,400 died from the disease. If diagnosed early, oral, head and neck cancers can be more easily treated and the chances of survival increase greatly.

The Karmanos Cancer Center is at 4100 John R (south of Warren, north of Mack, next to Harper Hospital). R: Pre-register by 5 p.m., May 12, to arrange for a free screening and complimentary valet parking. Call 1-800-KARMANOS or 1-800-527-6266. On-site registration on May 13 will also be accepted if space is available. Parking will only be complimentary for those who pre-register by May 12.

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  1. CM says:

    any more free screenings scheduled during the summer? i would like a screening, but won’t b back in town till May 20…thank you

  2. diane kresevich says:


  3. karen says:

    This was on Oprah with Micheal Douglas. Go to to find out other hospitals doing the screening. Good Luck, karen

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