The Waterford Township engineering firm Kors Engineering has partnered with London, England-based Pachube to offer an easy way to remotely monitor data from business facilities using the Tridium Niagara AX framework.

Especially appropriate as we near Earth Day, this application helps businesses monitor data, conserve resources and share information in real-time anywhere in the world.

The free tool will allow developers to create multiple applications that will leverage data access and monitoring.

Pachube is an on-line database service provider allowing developers to connect sensor data to the Web and to build their own applications on it.
Exporting data from the Tridium Niagara AX framework, Kors Engineering created an object that streams the data to Pachube. Once a data feed is created in Pachube, updating it with Niagara AX takes only a couple of simple configuration parameters. The application options are limited only by the data captured through the Niagara AX Framework.

One practical use to consider is monitoring energy and facilities. To view a simple example of monitoring a facility, visit to review current facility information at the Kors Engineering offices. 

“This is an easy-to-configure, free application that provides a tremendous value to those using the Tridium Niagara AX Framework,” said Kors Engineering president Tony Kaczmarek. “The options to export and monitor data have never been more simple to access and leverage.”

Added Pachube CEO Usman Haque: “Pachube provides a way for developers interfacing with Tridium to get their data up into the cloud where it can be mashed up and manipulated with rich web services across the internet. Once the barriers are removed for open collaboration across industries, the truly innovative applications will surface.  We are facilitating that transition here with Kors Engineering.”

Access a YouTube demonstration of the application to see the ease with which a free data stream can be created for your use at

Kors Engineering is a service provider for manufacturing and municipal organizations looking to optimize technology and integrate systems. With expertise in automation, controls, systems integration and energy management, Kors Engineering delivers quantifiable results in cost reductions, time savings and labor efficiencies. For more than three decades, the team has consulted and executed projects to improve systems on the shop floor and throughout entire facilities. For more information, visit


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