DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit Police officer has filed suit against a former reporter at the Detroit News, claiming he made erroneous statements about her moonlighting as an exotic dancer and knowing slain stripper Tamara Greene.

Officer Paytra Williams says Charlie LeDuff got the facts wrong in a story about the Greene lawsuit against former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

“These are people’s lives. The story is not just about Tamara Greene, and Kwame Kilpatrick. There’s other people involved too. I’m still here,” Williams said. “I have a son, I have a mother who I have to explain all of this to. And for whatever reason, it’s hard for her to understand. ‘Well if it’s in the paper Paytra, why did they print this about you if it’s not true?'”

Williams claims LeDuff, then a reporter for the Detroit news, wrote a couple of articles in which she was refered to as an officer who moonlighted as an exotic dancer named “Almond Joy,” and one who danced with Greene at the All Stars Gentleman’s Club on 8 Mile.

“I never danced with Tamara Greene and I don’t know Tamara Greene,” Williams said. “I have never moonlighted as a stripper. Never. The last time that I danced was in 1995. I never took Tamara Greene to the hospital. I never let Tamara Green use my insurance card.”

Williams said she was an exotic dancer five years before she became an officer.

“It’s my perspective that I do have some type of right to privacy, and it was not anybody’s business what my former employment was,” she said.

Williams’ lawsuit against LeDuff and the Detroit News seeks $3 million in damages.


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